6 tips to prevent Alzheimer’s

Organizations, doctors and centers seek to raise awareness among the population . From Nisa Hospitals they launch a series of tips to start a healthy life that contains guidelines to strengthen the mind. Antonio del Olmo and José Mazón —neurologist and neuropsychologist, successively, from the Memory clinic of the Nisa Hospital on October 9— point out the following keys:

  1. Eat little, but eat well. A good diet is essential. For this, it is advisable to reduce the quantity and increase the quality. Introducing antioxidants, vitamin C , vitamin B, foods rich in fatty acids such as oily fish are ways to improve the diet.

2. Avoid tobacco and other harmful substances. Tobacco can affect the brain. According to the World Health Organization , 14% of Alzheimer’s cases are directly attributed to tobacco use.

  1. Maintain physical activity. You don’t have to run a marathon or do an Olympic workout, but including half an hour of exercisea day helps not only keep you in shape but also keeps your mind active.
  2. Take care of health. Medical studies reveal that ailments such as hypertension or diabetes increase the chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s by 50%.
  3. Avoid loneliness. Maintaining an active social life is synonymous with strengthening the brain. The absence of social tiesaffects, and contributes in a decisive way to the appearance of diseases related to memory wear.
  4. Don’t let your memory exercise. Activities such as studying, reading, learning languages ​​help toenhance learning abilityand help train the intellect. Habits like reading the newspaper every day are actions that reinforce the signals of cellular rejuvenation that are sent to the brain.


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