6 tips to pray that change your life

6 tips to pray that change your lif

Pray for peace in heart 

“There is peace in the heart because there is dua” , everyone takes the name of that God and wants his hand over them. That is why we pray to him so that the blessings of God are on his people, he presides over security, brings happiness, protects him from evil eyes, creates bad things.

How to pray 

Praying is not difficult, many times we wonder whether our prayers have been heard or not because we are confused about this. How and how to pray for different subjects? Many times we do not know how to pray for safety and how to pray for healing.

Some tips to help you in your prayers

  1. Simple Dua

We feel that one needs to be very emotional to pray to God, big words need to be used but in reality God listens to our short prayer, our broken words, our tears.

Dua- You have to talk to God and when we talk to someone, we speak what is on our mind, in the same way, you should also put your request before God in the same way that you are talking to a friend. You will not have any difficulty in praying and will be able to pray easily.

  1. Wrong kind of prayers or prayers

If you are praying that you pass the exam and your friend fails, you get promotion in office and bad with the rest of your colleagues, your daughter gets married and your neighbor’s daughter is a virgin sitting then such prayers There is no use to do. That God is not the genie of any lamp so that any one of you can fulfill the wish. He knows and examines the human mind and its thoughts. If God listens to your prayers then you will definitely never fulfill them, so repent and ask forgiveness of sins for those wrong prayers because He is the faithful God to forgive sins.

  1. Prayer or supplication for protection from crisis

If you are in a crisis and do not know what to pray, then you can pray that Jesus Christ I beg you to protect me from this crisis, I will damn myself in your holy blood / I shudder and I believe that in the midst of this crisis your blood will keep me safe. In the midst of this situation your angels protect me and you turn this crisis into your glory Amen in the name of Jesus Christ.

  1. Prayer or prayer for healing

JESUS ​​CHRIST I believe that “My sins have been forgiven by shedding your blood, I have been healed by eating your whip, and I have found peace by tolerating you.” I see my sins, diseases, curses buried on the cross. Receive my healing that I have received by dying on the cross and declare it in my life.

I thank you because you have done me according to the words of my prayer Amen in the name of Jesus Christ.

  1. Prayer or Dua to get blessings

Remember God loves you and there is an appointed time for every good blessing to come into your life. Therefore you can pray that Jesus Christ I trust you that you will send good and good things from heaven to me in my life. I receive your love and the blessings I have received from believing in your name.

  1. Prayer or Dua for redemption from ghosts

 Jesus Christ I thank you that you have defeated sin, death, Satan by killing me on the cross, shedding blood and coming alive from the dead on the third day, so I scold this evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ I am, and from this place, I order to depart from this man and the Holy Spirit I request you to come in me because according to your word I am the temple of your soul, so fill this temple with your talent Two, I hide myself, your family, my home in your holy blood and beg that your holy messengers will protect me and my family and will not let that evil one come around me. Thank you Amen in the name of Jesus Christ for listening to my prayer.

You can take the help of the Bible along with these prayers, read the Word of God from there and if you want more information or help in any subject, you can contact us. God bless you.


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