6 tips to increase your chances of employment and promotion with your English

A few days ago a person left a comment on the blog that made my hair look like carpy.

I know ha of joblessness stable after studying Filo logy English this and warns that it is not a good idea to study this race if one does not have m u c laro, very clear.

As n or I have her mail and she would not have answered l comment I left behind his, not him I could give my opinion on your situation.

Actually, I need more specific information to answersomething right . Therefore, with this post, NO attempt to answer their inqu ietudes.

No obs ta n you, your pa Labr as have inspired me and q ue think h ay many people , with probl emas similar : Instability job ad , who could use a little help.

Whetheralready have a job, like you’re lookingone, here youenes sometips toincrease your chancesboth planstrate a jobas promocionarrte with your English . 1) Get at least a C1 levelWhatever the job you do, or want to do, the real profitability of English begins to appear from level C1. Yes, yes, an advanced level. Therefore, it is the first goal you should think about. Don’t settle for a B1 or B2; Goes on and on until you get C1, if not with a degree at least with your speaking ability. See next point. 2) Practice, above all, listening and speakingwhat the labor market wants from you, first, is to speak English, do not you know whatéis you Present Perfect or similar. 

eye! It is not a title (yes, it will be useful to put in the curriculum), it is rather that you demonstrate that you can pick up the phone, that you can go to a meeting and say coherent things, that you can, in short, develop to solve the problems for the company. Therefore, you should bear in mind that listening to a lot of English and trying to speak with natives will be essential for you. Of all the time you spend in English, spend at least 80% practicing these two skills: listening and speaking. Remember that even if you obtain one C1 degree, if you do not understand and can not talk, p save wadis title in a drawer. 3) Change the chip

We have no longer been in an economy of permanent employment or jobs for life. I’m not going to go into the details of why this is so, or if it’s fair or not. The truth is that life is not fair, and those of us who have had to live in this age must learn to think that everything is more precarious than ever. But, as this is somewhat difficult to accept, it does not mean that there are no other interesting and rewarding job opportunities. What you should NOT do is cry in the hallways (well, you can but only a little) because you do not have, or will have, neither a job nor a fixed salary. You can join groups that want to change this, but until this happens, it is best to use your energy to change the chip; since not doing it will make your life bitter.

When people write to me to complain about their precarious work situation, I always have two thoughts . First of all, I think of primitive men; when there was no light, no gas, no food. Who were they complaining about their situation? No one because they had no one , they just tried to survive and those who did passed their genes on, generation after generation. Those are precisely YOUR GENES and they should serve you for the same, that is, to survive in difficult situations. And, you will say, yes, but that was thousands of years ago, now the situation is different. If true.

But, suppose a tsunami came and devastated your entire city (something that has happened in many towns).

What would you do? Complain about your work situation?

No, of course not. If you are not dead, you would fight to get ahead together with yours. Make no mistake: the fact that we have houses with heating and air conditioning, cars that cost a year or more, light and food in the supermarket does not mean that it is something immutable that is always going to get better. It can, perfectly (as it has been shown on many occasions throughout history) go backwards (and not always because of the government in power).

And secondly, I think of the alternative. There is always the extreme: shoot me if everything goes very wrong. Well, I know, it is very extreme, but more than some sure you have thought.

S uponiendo who have decided to live I will not be better tomártelo with optimism?

It is that if you take it with pessimism it is much worse; you get sick, you get frustrated; you overwhelm others. And some will think: “as if it were so easy to live with optimism”. Yes, it is true, it is not so easy, but you can try it because it is worth it. I will give an example so you can see why it is worth it.

When I was 40 years old I lost my job through an ERE (Employment Regulation File). At least 30 people are unemployed. ALL, except 2, found employment within a period of approximately one year.

Do you know who were the ones who didn’t find a job?

Those with the most difficult character; those who made a flag of their frustration; those who thought they deserved better; the ones who always blame others for everything bad that happens to them.

And, worst of all, if these people dare to mention that the problem may be in them, they are angry.

It is impossible for them to have a vision that makes them responsible for their actions.

So another important aspect of changing the chip is self-assessment and seeing how much of your own responsibility there is in your situation.

Remember that your present is largely a product of the decisions you have made in the past.

Therefore, to improve your future you must think about good decisions and one of those must be: not see problems, but opportunities. 4) Know your environment Have you ever thought that the world seems to be divided into two: those who have contacts and get good jobs and those who do not have contacts and should seek life anyway? If you are in the second group, welcome to the club. I know what I spoke or

because I always belonged to this second group; without contacts, without important family, and without even knowing how to make contacts. Again, I am not going to assess whether this is fair, or unfair, because that is another matter. What is important is that you gain some perspective on the environment around you to make better decisions. There will always be people who have a better situation than you, many times, for no apparent reason. But that does not mean that you cannot improve. If you don’t know how to sell yourself, you can learn.

If you don’t have contacts, you can do them.

If you don’t have money to start a business, you can develop your skills and sell services. In the latter case you only need a computer and contacts.

All of this is closely related to the following tip.

5) Make personal marketing your great ally I remember that a couple of years ago I was invited to a presentation of an app to learn English in a technology company. Before me, a musician who made music with different objects spoke. The truth is that he was quite creative and I liked his wit. When he spoke, I no longer remember what he said, exactly, but it was a phrase that seemed very negative to me.

I had the stupid idea to approach him to say that I had loved his presentation, but to be careful with the negative things he said because it was “bad marketing”.

He got like a hydra and told me that because of “marketing” society was going as it was.

I did not intend to go into the question of whether capitalism is good or bad. I was just trying to help you make your art better known.

But it was unsolicited advice and therefore useless. I was wrong in the way. Now, I am still convinced that I was right at heart. Furthermore, the more I know about marketing, sales and psychology, the more convinced I am that I was right. We have to sell ourselves all the time.

This is so, it is not a Chinese story; whether or not you always have the option of not selling yourself, selling yourself very poorly or selling yourself well. Posts to choose, why not choose to sell yourself better? If you keep thinking like the musician artist, it is clear that you should stop reading this post. But if you wonder how you can sell yourself better, I think you should keep reading. Well, it is a complex thing to explain and, above all, to do. But I’ll start by putting ideas in context. Have you ever wondered why in companies there are people who are not worth much and yet manage to promote themselves better than others who have more technical knowledge? Marketing, my friend. Also called in this case, “communication skills”, that is, communication skills.

The higher you are in the hierarchy of a company, the more important these communication skills are, and the less important your technical knowledge is. So is. Therefore, in addition to learning English well, try to train yourself in this sense. It is not about learning to sell smoke, it is about improving your way of communicating: what to say, how to say it, when to say it. This also affects the writing of your writings. If you do not know how to write fairly well, you will be easily ruled out. So endeavor, with all your senses, to learn to do the best you can. Now, let’s look at two key ideas to learn how to sell yourself better; there are many more, but these are the “core”:

a) Everything you do, do it by putting yourself in the place of the client, company, partner, supplier and, do it thinking that your goal is that all these people send you “love letters”.

Of course, I don’t mean “love letters” really, but rather that they are so grateful for your work that they want to write to you to thank you. b) Think that everyone in companies has a thorn in his head. Everyone, no exceptions. For example, a department that does not work, a poorly productive team, loss of customers, loss of time, bad relationship with colleagues. Try to be the one to take away that thorn, or contribute to it. It’s not about pretending, or acting for convenience, it’s about really helping to solve problems.

If you succeed, your name is likely to be engraved with fire in the memory of these people. That is Personal Marketing, pure, simple and tremendously effective. A couple of hits. P ri simple : If I have not work how I get all this? These ideas can be transferred to the situation before having a paid job. A job (the end of degree project, for example) that you do while you are studying at the University, or the contacts that you do while you are training in the field that is. Around you there is always a network of contacts; perhaps you have not noticed it; But it is one of the main ways to get a job.

If you stand out for your good work before finding a job, the people around you will set their eyes on you first than on other people who do not do the same.

Second downside : I am not the mother Teresa of Calcutta; This thing of doing unpaid or rewarded things is not my thing.

You have two possibilities, then, to ignore this advice and continue doing it as you think it is better to find a job; or not Mother Teresa of Calcu t to (which is very difficult), but simply try to see solutions instead of problems. Just by doing this during the day you will already have a lot of livestock.

by Abdullah Sam
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