6 tips to improve your writing

Have you ever stopped to think if you have really dedicated yourself to your writing? If this reflection brings negative results, it is a sign that something needs to be reviewed, especially if you have the goal of growing professionally. Whether at work or studying, knowing how to write is a key to your progress and can significantly influence the achievement of your achievements. In addition, those who dedicate themselves to writing well, that is, in a correct and pleasant way, find it easier to relate to the most varied profiles of people.

If your purpose is to improve your writing skills, but you don’t know how to start doing it, it is important that you create the awareness that the main secret is to get into the habit of reading and writing frequently. In this way, you will tend to enrich your vocabulary, in addition to becoming more creative in your ideas and expressions and gaining knowledge about various rules of formal Portuguese by using them regularly. In addition to this initial guidance, we have selected six more tips for you to improve the production of your texts. Check it out below and start practicing.

1) Read aloud

As strange as it may seem to do this when there are other people around, this practice can be instrumental in developing your textual skills. Don’t be ashamed, as practically all good writers adopt this technique to their advantage. But still, you may be asking yourself: what is the reason for this? The main reasons are that when you read aloud, your chances of finding mismatches, repeated words and even whole sentences that are not relevant to the text increases. Whenever you finish it, read it once, make the first adjustments you deem necessary, and then read it aloud again, as you will probably make some more changes.

2) Think about the reader

If the content produced is not going to be kept in a drawer, try to care for the other person who will have relied on your text. Before finalizing it, think carefully about the reader. Will he be able to understand what he meant in his text? Did you use the right words? Was it objective and clear enough? What impression will he have of you from that contact? Will there be an interest in completing the reading? In the face of these issues, it is important to be aware that regardless of a person’s cultural level, it is necessary that they are able to make others understand them in order to be successful in their communication.

3) Have common sense

Use common sense in the production of your text and be aware that exaggeration can generate several negative interpretations. The suggestion is to be careful with the size, with the use of words that are too complicated or with adjectives. Always remember that people currently don’t have much time to devote to a single reading, so prolonging the text can discourage you from continuing it until the end.

4) Introduction, development and conclusion

As much as you want to innovate in the production of your opinionated text, try to follow the basic script: introduction, development and conclusion. The introduction concerns the presentation of the theme, followed by the development, which brings the necessary arguments to justify your point of view and the conclusion, in which you close your reasoning. If these phases are not followed in that order, it can compromise the linearity of the text and the reader’s understanding.

5) Have simple thoughts

As much as you want to use elaborate words to describe your thoughts, it is essential that you change this posture to facilitate the understanding of the other. It is very annoying to hear a person speak for hours and hours and in the end not complete the reasoning. Try to make sure that what you are saying makes sense and avoid using unfinished phrases. Remember to remain consistent in explaining your ideas and try to follow the basic rule of the beginning, middle and end.

6) Keep an idea in each paragraph

Paragraphs are essential to separate ideas from the text and pull a hook between one subject and another of the same theme. Try to include this practice in your production and avoid making paragraphs that are too long or that might confuse the reader.

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