6 recommended exercises in menopause

The type of exercise to be performed at menopause will depend on the physical condition of the woman and her previous preparation. It is not the same as a woman who has never played sports joins the running car at 55, that a woman who has always played tennis continues to do it normally when she reaches menopause.

Women with osteoporosis are not recommended to practice exercises that involve sudden movements, impacts or flexions of the spine. In case there are any brave, it should be remembered that sports that involve friction and power (soccer, handball) or those associated with jumps (basketball or volleyball) are generally not recommended due to the risk of falls and breaks.

On the other hand … what woman does not want to have a little time a week for her, clearing her mind and practicing some exercise of her liking? If it is in a group and with friends, there will always be more possibilities of getting to pay the third installment of the gym.




  1. Walking: It is the simplest and cheapest. It only remains that, as has happened with running , some savvy person will make walking fashionable or better , street-walking! so that we all throw ourselves into the streets excited.

Benefits : Walking at a good pace daily (or at least three times a week) not only helps maintain body weight but activates circulation and promotes intestinal transit.


  1. BicycleWalking is about to come, but cycling is already a trend. In Madrid we enjoy the BiciMad public bicycle rental service. For approximately € 1 (or € 2 if you are not a subscriber) anyone can take a one-hour bike ride through the city center including parks like El Retiro. Although it is not worth cheating, for your peace of mind I tell you that it is electric bikes. At the end of the day, without any type of training, climbing the Gran Vía can seem to us like climbing the Tourmalet.

 Benefits : Riding a bike considerably increases caloric expenditure and is also a perfect exercise to promote circulation in the legs. The varicose veins and tired legs are also characteristic of menopause. Less adventurous women can get an exercise bike and pedal from home. There are no excuses.


  1. Swimming and aquagym. Let’s be honest, who wants to go to the pool in winter? The water is cold, wearing the hat is a can … however, once the initial laziness has expired, those who have the habit of swimming cannot pass without it. The pool hooks you know why? One of the keys to the success of the pool is that we feel lighter in the water (thanks to the push of the water we “weigh” about 10% of our usual weight). In addition, the water serves as a protective mattress and for this reason, the pool is a fantastic option for those women who are afraid to play sports due to mobility problems or the risk of falls or fractures (for example, women with arthritis, osteoporosis or being overweight ).

Benefits : Swimming involves considerable energy expenditure that helps in weight control, has cardiovascular benefits and improves flexibility and muscular endurance, however, these physical benefits do not engage. It hooks the capacity that water has to transmit peace and make us disconnect. Considering the psychological ups and downs of women at menopause, approaching water during this stage can only offer you advantages.


  1. Pilates, yoga and tai-chi. Although everything sounds divinely, it is very different activities. To practice pilates requires a medium-high intensity muscular effort while tai chi is more focused on relaxation and breathing.

Benefits : They are exercises that promote both physical and mental balance. They increase concentration, flexibility, mobility and coordination. In addition, they have a highly recommended relaxing effect in menopausal women suffering from anxiety or depression.


  1. Belly Dancing. If our thing is not relaxation or meditation, we can always dance. It has been many years since belly dancing stopped being an exotic activity to be offered among the services of any gym, town hall or neighborhood association. What does it bring us?


Benefits : Like dancing sevillanas, fox-trot, or La Macarena, with belly dancing a woman can relax, have fun and above all, become uninhibited. However, belly dancing has an added benefit: due to the specific muscles that are practiced practicing it, the pelvic floor is strengthened. This is very useful in menopause to avoid problems like incontinence or to improve sexual relations.


  1. Weights. Many women associate weight lifting with great exertion and think it may not be convenient during menopause. Nothing is further from reality. Without having to become vigorous like Madonna, lifting weights with proper advice two or three times a week is highly recommended at this stage.


Benefits : Strength exercises with weights and dumbbells help prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density. In addition, they increase muscle tone and promote both balance and coordination. This can be very useful to keep us agile and avoid domestic accidents.

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