Wow, cool, he’s a young executive!” We may often hear the praise of people who admire a young executive , leader, manager, or a great boss. But, have we ever seen the other side? In fact, to be like them is not easy. Every day they have to take various kinds of risks with different levels of risk or decision making that must be immediately carried out by them, not an easy thing to do all that.


Such large responsibilities make leaders or executives need to attend executive leadership training . What is meant by executive leadership training? This training will present an executive coach who acts as a trainer, educator, mentor, confidant, and challenger to those who assume leadership responsibilities at the executive level. What is the purpose of this training? The aim is to holistically develop the executives.


Executive training or coaching is a very meaningful activity because it can unlock the potential of leaders to maximize the performance of themselves and their organizations. Wow, cool right ?! Oh yes not only that, in addition to executives, all employees can also learn, develop various new skills and abilities to become an executive in the future.


In the following we will explain 6 reasons why executive leadership training is so important. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Learn How to Become an Effective Leader.

If the attitudes and skills of an executive have nothing special about employees, then what makes them different from their employees or team members? Of course there must be a special difference between the executive and his subordinates.


A leader or executive is someone who must be willing to take risks, create an influential impact, make a very valuable difference, and of course bring good to all team members (employees). Can you imagine how heavy the responsibilities the executives have?


Facts prove that leadership is not an ability that someone has based on their experience or the number of years they have worked in a company. However, this leadership needs to be studied and trained regularly so that this ability can be well embedded in us.


Company leaders often feel stunned or unable to carry out guidance conversations for fear of appearing vulnerable or incompetent. This does not mean that they are bad leaders, just that they need to get more in-depth executive training in order to become more effective leaders.


Through executive leadership training, employees can learn further to hone their abilities and skills in the field of leadership, without shame and awkwardness. With notes, the group discussion applied in this training must be conducted in an honest, challenging, authentic, and mutually supportive manner between team members for their growth and development.


2. Gaining Competitive Advantage in the Industry or Team.

Today, more and more companies and individuals are agreeing that executive leadership training can help individuals to hone their competition in their chosen industry or in their own teams.


In leadership training, the material presented will certainly be relevant to the industry. Indirectly, all training members are learning and understanding more about their field of work. Those who have forgotten, will remember, and who did not know, will know.


Not only that, all trainees can also get closer and closer to other trainees namely, their own team members. From the activities carried out in the training, they will see each other’s excellence from their colleagues. So, each participant will feel more confident to develop all the advantages possessed.


3. Increase Human Confidence and Effectiveness.

The third reason why executive leadership training is very important is because this training can help all participants to be more confident. Confident in expressing opinions, expressing their bright ideas, giving praise to other team members, even giving constructive feedback to other colleagues.


Good self-confidence will lead us to become more effective individuals. That is why this leadership training needs to be filled with in-depth discussion, which encourages its employees to discuss honestly, authentically and clearly.


4. Learn to Trust Team Members.

We live in an age where too many frauds, manipulations and lies are very detrimental. The effects of these social conditions make it all the more difficult for us to trust others, both in our daily lives and work.


This is also one of the hardest skills for today’s employees, they find it very difficult to trust their colleagues to contribute to the overall team’s success. We need to remember that to be able to climb the ladder of a more professional career, or become a leader and executive, we need to have basic skills that are very important in the world of work. Is that? the answer is trust.


Executive leadership training is present as an appropriate opportunity for us to get to know each other in team members more deeply and trust them. The key to successful teamwork starts with trust. If each team member doesn’t trust each other, how can their team be successful?


5. Struggle to Have Work-Life Balance. 

Everyone must have a personal life outside of their lives as employees or executives. An employee is not just a worker in the office, but they also play a role as a father or mother at home. This is why executive leadership training is so important.


In this training, we will learn how to effectively divide time and control work properly , so that our work in the office will not be mixed with matters at home, and vice versa.


This helps all of us to become very professional leaders, executives, and even CEOs , and on the other hand to be very happy because we have a good, safe and organized personal life.


6. Work Enterprisingly Towards Promotions.

The final reason that makes leadership training so important is that this training can help each employee achieve the promotion he wants. An effective and informative leadership training system will encourage employees to work hard to achieve their career goals.

by Abdullah Sam
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