6 new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Along with Windows 10 , a series of new keyboard shortcuts were released that make it easier for us to work with the operating system, and that are added to all the existing key combinations in previous versions.

We have also fully compiled the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts , which are many more, but now we will focus on those new in this version. Keyboard shortcuts (also called “shortcuts” or key combinations) are very useful for quickly performing frequent actions on the system.

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These are the six new combinations that Microsoft has added:

Windows key + Left or Right

With this combination we can now fix a window on one side , either to the left or right. It works just as much as with longtime apps as modern interface apps, which now run on the desktop.

Alt + Tab

This keyboard combo already existed and it still works pretty much the same. With it we switch between open or recent windows . Windows 10 improves the visual way of switching windows but the keyboard shortcut is the same.

Windows key + Tab

With this keyboard shortcut we open the new Windows 10 task view . So we can choose any open window in a simple and visual way, one of the best features incorporated in Windows 10.

Windows key + Ctrl + D

Windows + Ctrl + D allows us to create a new virtual desktop to work on. It’s a new keyboard shortcut for a new feature, since multiple desktops weren’t supported natively before.

Windows key + Ctrl + F4

Just as we can create a virtual desktop, we can close the virtual desktop with the Windows + Ctrl + F4 combination, which is reminiscent of the classic Alt + F4 that closes standard programs.

Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right

Finally, we have a shortcut to switch or toggle between the virtual desktops created . A simple way to quickly work with all desktops, optimizing multitasking.

The key combinations are very useful, we have also compiled the Spotify keyboard shortcuts thinking of music fans and the WhatsApp Web keyboard shortcuts that give us greater fluidity when chatting from Windows.

Obviously, apart from the new keyboard combinations, the ones from previous versions still work. But it is true that productivity in Windows 10 seems assured with the new keyboard shortcuts and other built-in functions.

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