6 great reasons for you to study Nursing!

Know 6 great reasons for you to study Nursing!

1. Nursing career is always on the rise

In practice, nursing is an activity without ups and downs. And it is not difficult to understand the reason, since human beings will always need attention in the area of ​​health, regardless of the moment of the economy or their own life!

In addition, unlike other sectors, which are more sensitive to the arrival of technology in the replacement of labor, those in the segment know that the career in Nursing cannot end due to innovations. In this context, it is up to the professional to update himself.

According to research by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), the career in Nursing is in the Top 10 among the areas that grew the most during the economic crisis. This reinforces the idea that this is one of the rare occupations outside of macroeconomic issues, consumer trends or other external factors.

2. The field of action is extremely wide

The nursing career is undoubtedly one of the most extensive in its area of ​​operation. And this characteristic is particularly interesting for those who have a more versatile and proactive profile, who want to have an extensive range of options to choose from, and may even migrate along their trajectory.

You can be a general practitioner, a traditional nurse, who works in hospitals and emergency rooms, as well as working in classrooms, universities, colleges and technical schools. There is also the possibility of exercising their knowledge as a researcher, in the care of the elderly (geriatrics and home care) or in companies, monitoring the health of workers.

But believe me: there are still many other aspects. Here are just a few of the areas nurses need:

  • public health: education and advice to citizens on disease prevention and actions to improve the quality of life;
  • audit: analysis of hospital documentation, release of procedures in health plan operators, evaluation of protocols and procedures in health centers;
  • obstetrics: accompanying pregnant women throughout the pregnancy process;
  • clinical / surgical: performance in surgeries and clinical procedures;
  • health unit management: the nurse’s particularly systemic view makes him the ideal professional for Hospital Management in health centers.

With that, you can see that as long as you are a good professional, there will be no shortage of jobs, right?

3. Wages are usually good

A professional who follows a career in Nursing and is employed at a prestigious health institution usually receives over R $ 5,000 for a 6-hour workday. If he occupies a supervisory or coordination role, this remuneration can reach close to 10,000.

According to a survey by the Regional Nursing Council of the Federal District ( Coren-DF ), the weekly workload of nurses varies between 30 and 40 hours, on average, with the frequency of 36 hours per week being more frequent. The daily hours fluctuate between 6, 8 and 12 for 36 hours or, in some cases, 4 days of 6 hours and 1 day of 12 hours.

It is evident that, in a 6-hour day, it is possible to further increase your income, working in more than one institution. Realize, therefore, that it is a profession with an interesting salary, possibilities of doubling earnings and freedom to choose your monthly earnings according to the planned day.

Depending on the nature of the job, there will also be an unhealthy premium – financial compensation for workers who are regularly exposed to agents harmful to their own health. This is in accordance with Annex XIV of NR-15 , regulation of the Ministry of Labor.

4. Work is emotionally rewarding

Among the many benefits of pursuing a career in nursing, the emotional return is one of the most rewarding. Those who work in the segment are constantly faced with human beings in their most extreme state of vulnerability, and it is up to these professionals to act, in partnership with the medical team, in the healing and emotional comfort of patients.

This human perspective, of returning the smile, joy and health of people, justifies the choice for this profession, which, despite the high burden of responsibility, is extremely rewarding. Do you enjoy helping people? Do you like doing good? So it is worth knowing the area in depth, which could be the career of your life!

5. Time flexibility extends days

As we have already mentioned here, the journey of the nursing professional is quite peculiar. And this feature has yet another interesting advantage: the possibility of having completely different routines outside the workplace.

career in the nursing field allows

If flexibility concerning your working hours is on top of your priority list, then a career in the nursing field allows you another option to be in charge of your schedule even more flexibly; per diem positions. Applying for a per diem position will not only allow you to experience working in multiple facilities, improve your networking in different areas but also work within hours which are best suited to your schedule.

If you choose to work within a 6-hour day, for example, you have time to go to a second college , specialize or even have your own business – who knows, in the health field! Nursing provides this freedom. So think carefully, because this course may be right for you.

6. There are many public tenders available

If you want stability in your professional and financial life, there is also the option of public tenders in one of the 308,239 public health institutions in the country – between health centers, hospitals, emergency rooms and so on.

Here, in addition to stability, remuneration is another very attractive factor. As a reference, in the last contest of the State of Minas Gerais for Health Officer, who works with the Military Police, the initial basic remuneration of the approved professionals was around 8.8 thousand reais . Not bad, is it?

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