6 famous quotes by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was born in the United States on November 7, 2016. He is known as an inspirational or autobiographical book writer. His book ‘ How To Win Friends & Influence People ‘ is one of the best-selling books ever. Which sold over one and a half million copies. Also popular are his other popular books – ‘ How To Stop Worrying & Start Living ‘, ‘ Lincoln The Unknown ‘, ‘ The Leader In You ‘, ‘ The Art Of Public Speaking ‘. He died in New York City, USA, on November 7. Even today he is immortalized as a successful personality all over the world.

3 tips and quotes reminiscent of Dale Carnegie 

3) “The one who has unlimited enthusiasm, intelligence and continuous work is most likely to succeed.” 

2) ” Success comes to the one whose words are more than words, because the deeper the river, the lower its sound. 

4) ” Not imitation, not following, find yourself, know yourself, go your own way.

3) ” Better is the sweetness of an ugly mouth than the ugly words of a beautiful face.”

3) ” Calculate the power in life, or you will not regret it. 

3) “The path to mastery is –
a) Remember the experience of others
b) Keep your purpose in
mind c) Develop your mind for success.
D) Practice as much as possible.

7) “The number one way to relieve anxiety is to stay busy. 

3) ” Success is to achieve what you want. The joy is to get what you want. 

3) Always give the other person the opportunity to realize their superiority. 

3) ” Loneliness is better than evil companionship. 

Inspirational Dale Carnegie Quote On Life

3) ” Always smile. With laughter we can send many problems of life away to the sky.

42) “He who is able to control his mind is successful. 

3) ” Don’t think for one minute about something that hurts you. 

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3) ” Compete with human qualities, not with faults. 

3) “There is only one way to love the world. It is just to love, not to expect reward. 

3) ” It is important to remember that a happy person is a thousand times more efficient than a depressed person. 

3) ” Remember that unfair criticism is often admired in many cases: remember that no one kills a dead dog.

4) ” When a person is angry, he should not be disturbed in any way. Because it can lead to extreme misunderstandings. 

3) ” Remember that today was yesterday for you yesterday. If you were worried about yesterday, not today. 

27) ” We need to show something nearer than something far away filled with ambiguity. 

20) ” Having no idea what is going to work, you are a blind traveler like a blind. 

22) “To be courteous takes education, and to behave rudely is ignorant. 

26) ” When we show neglect in our duty, do not take any responsibility with devotion, then inefficiency comes.

27) ” Self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-control – all three can only make people almighty. Proper living depends on them. 

20) ” Love your work. We only become better when the emotions behind our actions work. 

20) ” Remember, your happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have, your happiness depends on how you think. 

26) ” It is not fair to expect that the whole world will treat you well if you are a good person. 

20) ” Whatever situation you read – you should not judge by the good or bad of the situation. 

28) ” Lifeless life is a living corpse buried in the shroud of despair. 

3) ” Accept whatever may be bad in the world. 


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