The 6 countries with the highest number of infidelities across Latin America and what they have in common

When you are a victim of infidelity, there are many questions running through your mind and all are to try to understand how and why this happened. The person who has been hurt tries in any way to understand while dealing with pain, betrayal and even the loss of the loved one and the relationship. And that happens around the world with people from all walks of life, beliefs and ages.

Recently, a social network (Second Love) that provides services to people who already have a stable relationship and want to start a second one, has provided extremely interesting information about the countries where their services are most successful. Yes, that’s right: a page that is dedicated to getting in touch with married people or in some other way committed to another who is also in a relationship so that they start a new relationship is the best source to get to know and inform us about some things that can be useful to many.

Adultery, affair, adventure or whatever you wanted to call it, at the end of the day, it is infidelity, it hurts and hurts those we love most and men and women can do many things to take care of our spouse and, of course, take care of ourselves.

This page reported that last year, 2016, the countries that had more people registering with a desire to establish an extramarital affair were:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Uruguay
  • Colombia

The statistics that were shared by this social network are, for example, that 70% of the people who register on the page are men, that Mondays are the days when more adultery is committed and that the most frequented time is between 4 and 6 pm. The interesting thing is that 72% of people are in public places and 28% go directly to “more private” places.

But, here is the most interesting and important information for us:

  1. 35% of subscribers do not want to be intimate with the other person, just a long and quiet conversation.
  2. Boredom and routine are the most frequent reasons that network customers use to justify their infidelity.
  3. Emotional or other dissatisfaction is the second most used excuse.
  4. Economic stability is a common factor also among infidels, this figure, on the same page, shows itself much more since the percentage of infidels increases as the country’s wealth increases, do you believe?

How to take advantage of all this information?

Value conversation with your partner

Talk without harming yourself, without complaining, talk like when you first met. Talk about important issues, such as the things that concern you or the challenges to be faced, what makes you happy or what you don’t like.

No routines!

A different dinner, a walk together and trying to try new things together. Make a goal! Be creative!

Try to make each other happy

Trying to make our spouse comfortable, to do things for each other and to both put 100% of themselves in the relationship will make everything a little simpler.

Take time for yourself and as a couple

Having an activity where everyone can feel complete provokes the desire and the need to look for the loved one to share it.

Take advantage of the information, enjoy and be happy!


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