6 best websites to play online backgammon

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in human history, along with chess, go and mahjong. If you don’t already know the rules, there are many great websites to learn them and test your skills against other players.

Expect levels of fun and challenges as you try out different variations of the same goal: getting all your tokens off the board. The range of features of the following online resources will allow you to play backgammon to your taste.

. 247 Backgammon

This is a very simple and free site for learning and practicing classic backgammon. You can play at different difficulty levels, against an AI opponent or a real one.

However, the second option only works with passing and playing style. Two players have to use the same screen to progress the game, so a smartphone would function like a computer.

The digital backgammon board design is beautiful and simple, but with many features that make things interesting. When you roll the dice, for example, the board highlights which pieces you can move and where.

You also have access to a doubling cube, which can multiply a player’s final score up to 64 times. But don’t get carried away. Take your time reading the website instructions and playing at your own pace.

  1. iTavli

Discover the different ways to play backgammon on an even simpler platform. iTavli has its flaws, such as unclear instructions when it comes to rules, however, it’s a rare online opportunity to escape classic gameplay.

Choose from Greek, Turkish, Russian and other styles before playing against the computer or an online player. As the iTavli manual fails to provide, you may want to read how each variation works to fully enjoy the experience.

There is also a leaderboard to keep track of who the best players on the site are. You can also challenge each other on a board of your choice. Sign up for free and watch your name climb the leaderboards.

All in all, the purpose of this humble site is for you to spend your evenings playing traditional backgammon against a relaxing beach-themed backdrop. Just like online puzzles , it’s a great way to exercise your brain.

  1. VIP Backgammon

If you are looking for a more modern design, VIP Backgammon is a better choice than 247 Backgammon. The domain is part of the larger VIP Games community, filled with online versions of beloved card and board games.

Through the backgammon section, you can play against the computer on an elegant wooden board. The choice of doubling your score also exists here.

One major difference is that each turn is set on a timer, so you need to think and move fast. VIP also offers many more social options, from playing with friends to competing in tournaments.

Keep in mind that competitions require chips, which you collect from every session you play. And how much you earn depends on how you perform against your opponents, real or AI.

This platform is a community where you can create a profile, raise your rank and compare yourself with backgammon fans. Of course, the better you get, the more exciting each game becomes.

  1. Backgammon Galaxy

Once you are fluid with the rules, you may want to focus more on live games. There’s nothing wrong with playing against a computer, but the experience is different when you know there’s a real person on the other side of the virtual board.

Backgammon Galaxy is perfect for the job, as it only hosts online players. You can create or join a session with fans from all over the world. In terms of other features, you face a timer of different speeds and collect points to climb the leaderboard.

Points are not essential to participate in tournaments like VIP Backgammon, but the competition is still fierce. Make sure you are up to the task before buying.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel ready for a game but still want to keep learning, the website even allows you to watch the sessions. You can develop a good head for backgammon by simply studying the techniques of more experienced players.

  1. Extreme Gammon

Even if you have to download Extreme Gammon on your computer, smartphone or tablet, the provider deserves a mention for its reputation in the field of backgammon. Besides being behind Backgammon Galaxy, Extreme Gammon is the ideal program for serious competitors.

Gamers and organizations around the world rely on this software to practice and analyze their games. While the fully customizable 2D or 3D board is a plus, the platform’s winning features go beyond smooth design and performance.

Once downloaded and installed, you can play against the computer or a second player. But the main purpose of Extreme Gammon is to help you train with many tools and settings.

For example, it allows you to choose the difficulty level of your AI opponent. It also interrupts your sessions and shows you which moves were wrong and why. You can even import games from websites while playing, so Extreme Gammon can parse them as you go.

The downside is that the software isn’t free like most browser-based options. It costs $ 59.95 per computer, but you can get a free trial and various discounts if you’re a member of GammonSite or the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF).

  1. Backgammon Studio

If an analytical backgammon site is what you want, it doesn’t get any better than Backgammon Studio. Keep in mind that the sign-up process and overall platform navigation are hard to get used to.

However, once you understand what’s available and where things are, you’ll realize how valuable Studio is for dedicated gamers. Like Extreme Gammon, it’s designed to help you improve, not just play.

In addition to analyzing your games, it offers a huge database of specific moves and checkers positions. You can jump to different degrees of difficulty and make your way through them.

Since you don’t have a watch here, you can go out of your way and work on the response time as well. Use the clock or useful app for the timer to ensure you react well under pressure.

If all of that wasn’t enough, there are also quizzes you can try to take, as well as another handy panel that lists live tournament matches. You can watch recordings while playing a session on Studio’s live games domain, which is aptly named Heroes.

Play Online Backgammon to master the game

From simple browser games to professional online communities, the internet is full of ways to enjoy backgammon in its modern and classic forms.

If you’re new, you should start with smaller options, like iTavli, just to understand the rules and tricks. From there, you can move on to bigger and better hubs.

Like chess and other brain games, backgammon is worth all the effort. Putting your tactics against the best players on each platform is thrilling, but you can also join a global community of fun-loving tactics.


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