6 advantages of using an online Kanban Platform

The  kanban  is a workflow management technique whose main differential easy and immediate visibility of each step of a project. In addition to being highly visual, the method has a simple, flexible and low-cost implementation.

It works, originally, on a large board that is visible to the entire team involved and on which colored cards or post-its are placed to specify each task to be performed. However, today it is already possible to use the method through  online platforms , which gives it more efficiency.

Through Kanban it is possible to monitor the progress of the workflow, detect bottlenecks and investigate its causes. This generates more  fluidity to the projects , especially when the work is online and is accessible to the entire team.

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The short history of Kanban

If you are trying to understand the advantages of online kanban, it is a sign that you already know the technique. Still, it is important to contextualize it in history to highlight the  advantages of the online platform  over physics.

The tool emerged in the 1950s, during a crisis at Toyota that almost bankrupted it. To recover, the company looked for ways to optimize production. Thus, kanban and just in time (JIT) were born, allowing not only more dynamism in carrying out tasks, but also the acquisition of materials only when they were really needed.

When it was created, the tool had nothing to do with online kanban: it consisted of a huge board where colorful cards were attached for each task to be performed. These cards were organized into columns that symbolized the stage the tasks were in the workflow.

In this way, everyone had access to basic information about production progress without having to decipher a series of spreadsheets and checklists. Although the tool has greatly speeded up production at Toyota and other companies that adopted it, its original physical format still had disadvantages, such as the “drop” of cards or post its on the panel.

Therefore, the online kanban version came as a platform to solve this and many other problems that only technology could solve.

The importance of Kanban in project planning and management

Kanban revolutionizes the way workflows are managed, giving the manager and his team more flexibility and agility. With kanban it is possible to define the flow according to the needs of each project and make adaptations.

Kanban is based on 4 basic principles that guarantee its efficiency:

Work preview

Making the workflow visible is the first step in identifying bottlenecks and roadblocks. This facilitates  communication  with the team, who now have the information available and available whenever they need it.

Work limit

The kanban must have a limited number of tasks in progress. In this way, it ensures that all are carried out according to plan and prevents many from remaining unfinished for a long time.

Focus on workflow

The main focus of the kanban is to take tasks from the first to the last step in the shortest possible time, streamlining the workflow. For this reason, it allows analyzing the progress of the project through indicators that become visible with the use of the method.

Continuous improvement

Each completed task brings its mistakes and successes, that is, lessons learned that can be applied in the next work cycles. In this way, kanban assists in optimizing the workflow at each new stage or project.

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The advantages of using an Online Kanban Platform


1. Planning flexibility

Imagine that during the course of a project, you and your team detect the need to include one more step in the flow. Using the physical framework, you would have to rearrange it almost completely to create a column and place the new activity.

This includes the removal of all cards from the columns to be moved and their replacement, which would leave the flow subject to terrible failures. In online kanban, it is possible to include columns without having to “remove” tasks. You can only move the tasks needed for the new stage of the flow.

2. Greater control of tasks

Like any other platform, the movement of tasks in the columns creates a log where you can see when and by whom that card was changed.

In this way, unlike the physical kanban, in which even a breeze can take tasks away without anyone noticing, in the online method you have absolute control over all the activities of a project, in their respective stages.

3. More agility

Imagine that for each new task to be inserted in the kanban panel you need to write it on a post it in an intelligible letter. Sometimes, in the rush of everyday life, the lyrics are not so good or you miss what you wrote. In such cases, it is necessary to erase with a rubber or make a new “palpelzinho”, which takes time and wastes resources.

Kanban online streamlines this process with tools such as copy / paste, undo, drag cards from one column to another, among other features that only technology can offer.

4. Lower risk of human error

Remember the reorganization of columns that would require the removal and replacement of all tasks on the board? Well, imagine how many failures could happen in this process? From the loss of a post-it to its placement in the wrong column, the probability of something wrong occurring in the physical method is much greater than in the online environment.

5. Mobility

This is one of the biggest advantages of online kanban. Even if your team needs to work in environments other than where the staff is positioned, you will still have access to information if you are using a digital platform.

6. Obtaining graphs and numbers

Imagine you counting the post its that are in the column of completed activities, then separating them by color to understand which categories of tasks or team members were most productive? With kanban online, these reports are automatically generated and made available in graphs for better visualization.

As you can see, using the online kanban only benefits your team’s workflow, in addition to greater control and accessibility for its members and  managers . So, what are you waiting for to join using the method?

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