50 twitter accounts you must follow if you are an archaeologist

Who of those present does not know twitter? It is almost impossible to be reading this blog and not at least be aware of its existence. We have always given it great importance because we think it is a basic social network to find out what is happening in the world of archeology .

Today I bring you a compilation of 50 twitter accounts that, for me, are essential to understand the world of archeology in Spain today. They are perhaps not those with the largest number of followers, not even the best known, but they are certainly a good start to have an updated account of historical heritage and archeology in its many faces and variations .

Order doesn’t mean anything. They are all equally important and, if you follow them, you can extend your network of accounts related to archeology and historical heritage as far as you want.

Best Archeology Twitter Accounts

These are our selection with the best archeology twitter accounts:

Arqueoblog ( @ arqueoblog ). His account is the true reflection of his essential blog. Very active account kept by Adrián Carretón ( @ Adricarreton ), archaeologist and blogger. In it you will find interesting links on archeology news and other curiosities.

Par ( @ par_virtual ). If you want to understand how to apply 3D and  virtual reconstructions, etc. to archeology, this is your place. It is also a very active account. They share a large amount of resources related to this sector, which is the virtualization of heritage. In front we find the archaeologist Pablo Aparicio Resco ( @ ArcheoPablo  ).

Cerro Bilanero ( @ CerroBilanero ). A site nestled in the deepest spot: in Alhambra, Ciudad Real. We do not include it for its spectacular location, but because we believe they are doing a great job of dissemination and dissemination. Archeology open in every way .

App Culture ( @ AppCultura ). Our friends from Jansa Arqueología are behind this great twitter account. New technologies applied to the dissemination of heritage. Do you know @ mastoledoapp  ? Well they are partly to blame for their success.

Arqueotrip ( @ ArqueoTrip ). If yours is archaeological tourism  this is your account. They not only spread about archaeological sites throughout the Spanish territory. You can also find archeology news. To stay up to date with what is happening.

Virtuanostrum ( @ VirtuaNostrum ). This account could not be missing from our list. Our colleague Miguel, an archaeologist and also a UAVS pilot, is behind her. Aerial photography and virtualization of heritage . In short, new technologies applied to archeology.

La Linde ( @ LaLindeArqueo ). We now turn to the world of magazines. It is completely free and free and accessible from the web . How important initiatives like this seem to us! Behind it two great Valencian archaeologists: Paloma Berrocal and Victor M. Alagarra. In their account, they mainly disseminate the articles in their magazine.

Jas Arqueología ( @ JASArqueologia ). Very active account led by the always great Jaime Almansa ( @ JaimeAlmansa  ), archaeologist and editor of archeology books. Your editorial is not for use. It is a benchmark in public archeology. You do not know what it is? Well follow your account.

Arqueoart ( @ arqueoart  ). If there is an archaeologist that is difficult to forget, this is Juan I. García. It is impossible in one sentence to summarize his genius, only advise to follow his adventures and occurrences in this account. Just by saying: Stratigraphic Love  you can already get an idea.

Stone ( @ tonovizcaino ). We continue with archaeologists who are out of the ordinary. Archaeological humor is what defines this account for me. Great reflections on current news in archeology. Also in the framework of public archeology.

Adarq ( @ adarq_es ). The world of archeology is constantly changing. And that’s better than good. If you like the world of illustration and archaeological drawing, this is your account, since the newly established Association of Archeology Illustrators and Illustrators disseminates on these topics.

 Prehistory of Uned ( @ UNEDprehistoria ). Official account of the Department of Prehistory and Archeology-UNED . You will see that the accounts of institutions and public organisms do not abound. It is not for nothing, they are accounts that you must follow, but they are easy to find. We include this account here because we think they do an exemplary job of dissemination through social networks and fundamentally twitter. 

Arbore Archeoloxia ( @ Arbore_A ). This account could not miss this original and fun account. They are a Galician archeology company, with a variety of highly diversified services. His #dinovember initiative is hilarious: ” we don’t do dinosaurs but dinosaurs can do archeology “.

Cota667 ( @ Cota667 ). Archeology company with exemplary management of social networks. They believe in the dissemination of their work and they show it to us day by day. They also make cultural visits and are highly involved with the architecture of the Civil War and the Recovery of Historical Memory.

René Pacheco ( @ rene_pv  ). Archaeologist of the Historical Memory. Good people and a better person. His account is very interesting if you want to keep up to date with the archeology of memory . Work for the ARMH ( @ ARMH_Memoria ).

Gerión ( @ GerionHispania ). Digital publication on History, always providing some opinions to take into account Reflections on current news of history and archeology from a very critical and original point of view.

Regio Cantabrorum ( @ regcantabrorum  ). model account on archeology and tourism focused, yes, in Cantabria. An example to follow for many for its great capacity for dissemination and for its humor in dealing with somewhat “thorny” subjects. Led by Miguel López ( @ mlcadavieco ) cultural manager and that, as far as we can observe day by day, does not stop

MAN ( @ MANArqueologico ). Another public center whose twitter account is essential to follow to learn about the news of this great archaeological museum, the activities it carries out, etc.

Underground Archeology ( @ underground_arq  ). Another uncommon archeology company on the other hand. Their philosophy is revealed in everything they do and in all the initiatives they carry out. The best known: SOPA congress ( @ soupcongress ), that is, the International Congress on Education and Socialization of Heritage in Rural Areas .

 IAPH ( @ IAPHcursosymas  ). In reality the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage has multiple accounts, all of them worthy of being on this list. We have chosen this one because they share very appropriate courses for any self-respecting archaeologist.

Inversa Arqueología ( @ INVERSAcultura  ) An archeology company not very used either. Two good friends drive it. They have some very cool initiatives related to cultural tourism and guided tours, but they also carry out training for underwater archaeologists.

Virtual Heritage ( @ PatrimVirtual ). The University of Alicante offers its own Virtualization of Heritage title and this is its twitter account. Highly recommended if you are interested in this sector. A benchmark in that regard.

Paleorama ( @ paleotwit  ). That Paleorama are a reference in the world of archeology and social networks is a fact. They have a very active account with lots of followers. They mainly share news of archeology and history of Spain and the world. To keep up to date with what is happening in archeology.

Ad Aburdum ( @ AdAbsurdumBlog ). Account that we have recently discovered. We include it because it more than deserves it. Humor in the world of archeology is essential (especially to count according to what things) and in this account you can breathe in all his tweets. They talk about archeology but also about other things.

Ondare Babesa ( @ OndareBabesa  ). The most “traditional” archeology company based in Vitoria whose management of social networks is truly exemplary. And not only that, they publish many of the memoirs of their interventions online. They also show us in their TL the work they do every day. The one behind it is the archaeologist Rafa Varón ( @ Deob71  )

Arqueo-Redes ( @ ArqueoRedes ). Cristina Bravo ( @ CristinaBravoG ) is behind this twitter account, where she shares news related to the world of archeology and history. His TL is very active.

ArqueoErcina ( @ Arqueoercina ). I love this account. Especially because of how it is defined: ” Open Archeology Project “. And that is exactly what they do. Open archeology to make it public. It is a model example of managing an archaeological site: La Peña del Castro La Ercina, in León.

MCyP ( @ madridcyp ). Or what is the same, official account of the Madrid Association, Citizenship and Heritage. The fight against the barbarities that are committed at the patrimonial level is fundamental. And this association is an example for the case of Madrid. To follow your account is to support your initiative.

Leisure Lazo-León ( @ leisureexcursions ). Company located in León that is dedicated to cultural tourism. It is important to publicize our rich historical heritage. His twitter account is essential to discover incredible corners of our geography, always on a cultural level.

Ancient Mediterranean ( @ meditantiguo ). Blog of great repercussion with a very constant publication of articles related to the history and archeology of the Mediterranean. We love your interview section. On his twitter account he shares his articles and news related to his subject.

 Architectural Industrial Heritage ( @ Patrindustrial ). His name says it all. Diana Sánchez Mustieles, Architect , is behind the Blog and social networks. An essential if you want to expand your knowledge about this type of Heritage and also from the point of view of an architect, which provides even more value.

College of Archeologists of Madrid ( @ ColArqMadrid  ). As you know, there are many Colleges of Archeologists in Spain and outside of Spain. We have included this one because it is ours and its board of directors is made up of good friends and fellow archaeologists. Its fundamental account to know the novelties of Madrid archeology and the different activities they organize.

Heritage Channel ( @ canalpatrimonio ). True pioneers in terms of the dissemination and dissemination of historical and cultural heritage through the online world and, of course, social networks. They are a benchmark. Following them, an obligation.

 Mar Zarzalejos ( @ ZarzalejosMar ). Although we do not know her in person, the truth is that the use made of this twitter account by this professor of Archeology at the Uned is exemplary.

Day of Archeology ( @ dayofarch ). We already know that this account uses English to express itself. And, it was not the idea, to collect here also the twitter accounts of the Anglo-Saxon world, not even South America. But it seems to us an initiative in which many of us have participated and that is why we include it here. One day a year the world’s archaeologists share what they are doing on that day. A great idea.

Red Historia ( @ red_historia ). Another great twitter account. Great for its large number of followers and its age, but also for its high activity. They share daily news related to history and archeology. A “must” to follow for any self-respecting archaeologist

 IPCE ( @ ipcepatrimonio ). Just like when you open an account on twitter they immediately suggest celebrity accounts, this is an account that, if twitter knew you were an archaeologist, they should suggest one of the first ones. Official twitter account of the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute .

Talactwitt ( @ Talactwitt  ), or what is the same, the twitter account of Talactor, a Leonese archeology company that we add to our essentials because they share a lot of content about free software applied to archeology .

Ciemad ( @ ciemad ) Somewhere else we have already told you about them. Group of archaeologists dedicated to online training for archaeologists. They have very useful courses if you want to develop yourself in the world of archeology. In his TL we find his latest news.

 Expanding what is gerund …

Given the impact that this list is having (I did not expect less;)) and since my memory falters from time to time and I have forgotten to include some important accounts, I will add them to the list …

It is not necessary to remind you that if you miss any account you let us know and we will include it delighted.

Jenri’s Log ( @ LaBdeJenri  ). If there is an account that needs no introduction, this is it. I seriously forgot mine by not including it. Great account and great logbook without a doubt to be informed of everything that happens throughout our land regarding archeology and history.

Smart Heritage ( @ pat_inteligente   ). Another important account that I had forgotten. Behind it an archeology company based in Murcia and led by a large group of archaeologists ( @ JuangallardoAW  and  @ franrmartinez ) who gladly share all the archeology content and make their own articles on their blog.

Archeology cartoonists ( @ Dibu_Arq  ). Old friends, from our beginnings. Dedicated body and soul to archeology and fundamentally to archaeological drawing. In your account you can find the latest news on the activities they carry out.

Comprehensive Heritage Vacceo ( @ vacceointegral  ). Other great archaeologist friends settled in Salamanca. Its activity focuses on the musealization of historical sites and on signage. His works: masterpieces.


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