50 love messages to tell him I want you

When you’ve been in a relationship (for a few weeks or years), there comes that time when you want to spice things up a bit. You are looking for different ways to raise the temperature between you and titillate your partner’s lybido.


And, what could be better to drive your other half crazy for you than texting them love to say “I want you”? It creates sexual tension and feeds your desires. Sending naughty messages is also a way of making an intimate connection and a language all of your own.


Before embarking on this kind of exchange, make sure of two things: first, create a climate of trust where both partners are free to express themselves, then list the rules to be observed. For example, no exchange of messages during work meetings or family meals.


In order to inspire you and allow you to say to your partner “I want you”, here is a list of 50 messages to send him.


I want you: 50 SMS


There are several situations in which you may want to say these few words to her.


I want you because I need your presence and your touch



  1. I want you. I want eternal love. I want to have you just for me.


  1. I would like to see you, touch you, feel you and caress your whole body.


  1. Always want you so much. I would like to see you and touch you.


  1. I want your arms. I want your look. I want your skin … In short, I want you!


  1. I want to be one with you.


  1. I want you in my arms, attached to my lips.


  1. It is said that love is blind. Touch is therefore very important. I want you.


  1. I want the grace of your hands which know how to put an end to all my fears and sorrows.


  1. I need you like my morning coffee.


  1. The limits of my strength of soul extend to the corner of your lips.


  1. What good is my hands and my mouth if you’re not there?


  1. I can’t stop wanting you.


  1. Your smile is the sun of the blooming garden of my desires.


  1. Look at a message from me. Read it: I think of you. Smile: I want you.


  1. Your shoulders, neck, hair, hands and eyes are invitations to caress.


  1. I want to see you smile. I want to hear you laugh. I want you.


  1. Light caress with your fingertips, slow but intense in order to awaken all your secrets and taboos.


  1. Hugs supply exhausted! Help !


  1. Surprised by the aphrodisiac effect of the distance… I can’t wait for you to come back. I want you!


  1. I love hugs. Especially when your hands are all over my body!


  1. Kissing is a trick created by nature to stop talking when words are no longer needed.


  1. Storm of sweetness, tonight… We’re in big trouble!


  1. I really want to curl up in your arms.


  1. My hands are used to touch you, my arms to protect you, my eyes to contemplate you, my body to warm you and my heart to love you …


  1. I need hugs and kisses, you’re the only one who can do this.


I want you because I’m excited



  1. I want to feel your skin quiver against mine.


  1. I want your my love, to feel you against me, to caress you and taste you. I want to whisper crazy things to you.


  1. My whole body calls out for you. I am waiting for you naked in our bed. Find me quickly!


  1. You were so sexy yesterday! I want to undress you and caress you, before going lower …


  1. I want to taste you slowly. Kiss you everywhere. Taste every part of your body.


  1. Tell me a time, a place and a position.


  1. I’m going to cook dinner. Bring dessert … possibly whipped cream, that will be enough!


  1. I’m imagining what I could do to you.


  1. I want you to show me all the colors. And, if new ones have to be invented, no problem! We will take the time to do so.


  1. Have you ever spent the evening with your hands behind your back?


  1. Do you think I can make you beg just by giving you a massage?


  1. Tonight I make all my fantasies come true.


  1. I am naked. For every minute of delay, I put on a piece of clothing… Hurry up!


  1. Only you can do all of this to me!


  1. Spanking, once; shame on me. Spanking, twice; We are on the right path !


  1. I want to make love with you.


  1. Tonight, just for you, I’ll be wearing my invisible underwear.


  1. In attachment, a photo which testifies to my “feelings”!


  1. My room is my playground. Do you want to play hide and seek?


  1. All day long, I went over in my head all the positions that we have not tried. I am at


  1. This message is the fruit of a heroic effort of self-sacrifice: I caress myself while thinking of you.


  1. You have no idea how much I want you right now… not to mention how I want you… and where I want you.


  1. I’m so hungry right now… the thing is… I don’t want food.


  1. Everything about you turns me on, I think only of you!


  1. I imagine your hands on my body… your mouth on my body… and finally, your body on mine.


Here ! Some ideas for SMS to tell the loved one “I want you”. We hope that we have inspired you and allowed you to find the right words to tell your partner how much you desire their touch, or even more if they have affinities!

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