50 Examples of Partitive Adjectives and Multiples

The partitive adjectives are adjectives expressing the ratio or fraction of a whole indicated by a noun . For example: a quarter, a half, a third.

Partitive adjectives are characterized by always going before the noun (with which they must agree in gender and number ), unlike what happens with other types of adjectives, such as qualifying adjectives , which can come before or after the noun.

Partitive adjectives also include multiple adjectives (which also indicate a fraction of a whole, but greater than 1), which can come before or after the noun. For example: double, triple. 

The general form of the partitives that designate fractions greater than ten responds to the ending -avo / -ava. However, the most used are those that designate fractions less than ten, such as half, third, fourth , or those ending in -th, like hundredth .

Partitive, ordinal, and cardinal adjectives are part of the category of numeral adjectives . Partitive adjectives, also known as dividing adjectives, are often confused with ordinals, which are those that refer to numerical order ( first, eighth, last ), and many times an ordinal is used erroneously instead of a partitive (for example, es incorrect to say an eleventh of the voters instead of an eleventh of the voters ).

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Partitive Nouns

Besides partitive adjectives there are also partitive nouns. In semantic terms these two categories are similar (since they both refer to a proportion or fraction of a total), however they are different in syntactic terms.

The partitive nouns place the fraction as the nucleus of the phrase (which can be a subject , a direct object , etc.) and its referent as an indirect modifier always introduced by the subordinate nexus  of ”. For example: The half of the students in the course left before June. 

What s ac partitives adjectives always Tuan as direct modifiers of a noun. For example: Half grade dropped out before June. 

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Examples of partitive adjectives

The following list orders the partitive adjectives, placing in some cases an example of their application.

1/2 : a half 1/25: one twenty-fifth
1/3 : one third 1/26: one twenty-sixth
1/4 : a quarter 1/27: a twenty-seventh
1/5 : one fifth 1/28: a twenty-eighth
1/6 : one sixth 1/29: one twenty-nine
1/7 : a seventh 1/30: one thirtieth, thirtieth, one thirtieth
1/8 : one eighth 1/40: one fortieth, fortieth, fortieth
1/9 : a ninth 1/50: one fiftieth
1/10: one tenth 1/60: one sixtieth or sixtieth
1/11: an eleventh or eleventh 1/70: one seventieth or seventieth
1/12: a twelfth or twelfth 1/80: one eightieth or eightieth
1/13: one thirteenth 1/90: one ninety, ninetieth
1/14: one fourteenth 1/100: one cent, hundredth
1/15: one fifteenth 1/200: one twelfth
1/16: one sixteenth 1/300: one three hundredth
1/17: a seventeenth 1/400 : one four hundredth
1/18: one eighteenth 1 / 10,000 : one ten thousandth
1/19: one nineteenth 1 / 100,000 : one hundred thousandth
1/20: one twentieth or twentieth 1 / 10,000,000 : one millionth
1/21: one twenty-one 1 / 10,000,000 : one ten millionth
1/22: one twenty-second 1 / 100,000,000 : one hundred millionth
1/23: one twenty-third 1 / 1,000,000,000 : one billionth
1/24: one twenty-fourth 1 / 1,000,000,000,000 : one billionth

Examples of multiple adjectives

Double Quadruple Sixfold
Triple Quintuple Octuple

Examples of sentences with partitive adjectives and multiples

Partitive adjectives in bold are highlighted in the following sentences:

  1. I drank a quarter liter of that wine almost without noticing it.
  2. Carlos ate half a pizza before we arrived.
  3. Three-quarters of the population is unaware of this problem.
  4. One fifth of the candidates running for this election have already held elective office.
  5. I recommend the triple hamburger with onion rings.
  6. One sixth of the sown area could not be harvested due to the heavy rains.
  7. One tenth fraction of the money collected will be used to compensate the victims.
  8. Today I want to carry only half a kilo of apples
  9. Almost two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water.
  10. It is calculated that each photon travels the path in one hundred thousandth of a minute
  11. One seventh of the students in this course will fail if they do not study harder this semester.
  12. For me, double the cream in the coffee, please.
  13. Five sixths of everything that comes in for now is reinvested
  14. The twentieth section of this circle represents foreigners.
  15. Almost two thirds of your family lives abroad, right?
  16. At least three-quarters of what he has said is false and malicious.
  17. This equipment is amazing: it processes each sample in a ten thousandth of a second.
  18. One-eighth of those surveyed did not recall the name of any candidate
  19. This beer is triple malt: it is very rich, but it is very fattening.
  20. One fifteenth  of the total budget will correspond to administrative expenses.
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