50 Examples of Ordinal Adjectives

The ordinal adjectives are those that provide information about the order in which the noun appears. For example: first, fifth, tenth, last.

Ordinal adjectives have the function of ranking, ordering or providing information about the position of the noun they accompany. They belong to the category of numeral adjectives since they provide a numerical characteristic on the noun they modify.

Other types of numeral adjectives are: 

  • Cardinals . They provide information on the quantity of the item being described. They are numbers, written in letters, and they are invariable, that is, they do not change in gender or number. For example: two glasses, four brothers. 
  • Partitives and multiples . They provide quantitative information in relation to parts: they divide or multiply the noun they modify. For example: half a lemon, triple impact. 

Examples of ordinal adjectives

First (1) Forty-first (41)
Second (2) Forty-third (43)
Third (3) Fifty (50)
Bedroom (4) Fifty-first (51)
Fifth (5) Sixtieth (60)
Sixth (6) Sixty-first (61)
Seventh (7) Seventieth (70)
Eighth (8) Seventy-first (71)
Ninth (9) Eightieth (80)
Tenth (10) Eighty-first (81)
Eleventh (11) Ninety (90)
Twelfth (12) Ninety-first (91)
Thirteenth (13) Hundredth (100)
Fourteenth (14) One hundred first (101)
Fifteenth (15) One hundred thirty-fourth (134)
Sixteenth (16) Twelfth (200)
Seventeenth (17) Two hundred and twenty-second (222)
Twentieth (20) Three hundredth (300)
Twenty-first (21) Forty-fifth (400)
Twenty Second (22) Fifty-hundredth (500)
Twenty-fifth (25) Sixtieth (600)
Thirtieth (30) Septingentth (700)
Thirty-first (31) 90th (800)
Thirty-eighth (38) Non-hundredth (900)
Fortieth (40) Thousandth (1000)

Examples of sentences with ordinal adjectives

  1. They got the first prize.
  2. Maria had the fourth place to introduce herself.
  3. Sofia had her third child yesterday.
  4. Mariela and Carlos live on the fifth floor.
  5. He has a second wife.
  6. This is the third slice of cake Camilo has eaten.
  7. This is the sixth time I have said it!
  8. Paris is the third most visited city by world tourism.
  9. We reserve the last seat for you.
  10. The team reached third place in the tournament.
  11. It is the third time we have passed this corner.
  12. It is the second race that the pilot undertakes this month.
  13. On the seventh floor the children were lost.
  14. To get to the park you must turn right in the second block.
  15. Ramiro took first place in the spelling competitions.
  16. I am nervous because tomorrow I will have my first date with Juan.
  17. I don’t want to be left with the last option.
  18. I prefer not to be satisfied with the first medical opinion.
  19. This is my second job.
  20. This is the sixth time I have heard this excuse.
  21. My son went on to the seventh year.
  22. It was not bad at all: he took ninth place.
  23. It is the fifteenth anniversary of the club.
  24. In second place, I would like to share this award with my team.
  25. You only get the third edition of this best seller. 
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