50 Examples of Interrogative Adjectives

The interrogative adjectives are those adjectives that are used to formulate an open question . They have no meaning by themselves and many of them do not vary in gender and number . For example: ¿ What color do you like? ¿ What is your dog?

Interrogative adjectives are among the determinative adjectives , which also encompass demonstrative , possessive , numeral and indefinite adjectives .

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How are they different from the rest of the adjectives?

  • All adjectives are characterized by modifying a noun, expressing its characteristics or properties. Interrogative adjectives have no meaning by themselves but change the meaning of the sentence by turning it into a question. For example: I am very sorry . / How much time do you have?
  • Most of the adjectives are found next to the noun they refer to. Interrogative adjectives are at the beginning of the sentence. For example: His huge eyes . Which  glass do you like?
  • Most of the adjectives are modified to achieve agreement with the noun, both in number and gender. Some interrogative adjectives are invariable. For example:  ¿ What thought you had? Others vary according to the noun they refer to. For example: ¿ What is your house? / What are your houses?
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Interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns

The same words can function as interrogative pronouns or as interrogative adjectives. In order to distinguish one from the other, it is necessary to observe if they modify a noun or if they replace it.

  • If it modifies a noun, it is an interrogative adjective. For example: What flavor do you prefer?
  • If it replaces a noun, it is an interrogative pronoun. For example: ¿ What are we gonna do?
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Interrogative adjectives and exclamatory adjectives

Many interrogative adjectives are also used to formulate exclamations . In the written language, the difference is marked by the signs (exclamation or question marks). In spoken language the difference is marked by the intonation and intention of the sentence.

Exclamatory adjectives and interrogative adjectives always have an accent mark . For example: What do you want to eat? How good!

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Examples of interrogative adjectives


  1. ¿ Which countries do you know?
  2. ¿ What song we sing?
  3. What flavor do you prefer?
  4. ¿ What time is it ?
  5. ¿ What could we do this afternoon?
  6. ¿ What proposals is the candidate?
  7. What wine do you prefer?
  8. ¿ What varieties of oil has?
  9. ¿ What offers have arrived?
  10. ¿ What requests did?
  11. ¿ What music do you like?
  12. What doubts do you have?
  13. ¿ What disciplines were applied in the work?
  14. What options do you offer?
  15. ¿ What meals were off the diet?
  16. ¿ What clothes did you bring?
  17. ¿ What hair color would you like?
  18. ¿ What watch you bought?


  1. How much rice do you need?
  2. How much snow is there on the hill?
  3. How many invited confirmed their presence?
  4. How many flowers will they need for decoration?
  5. How many waiters are there in the room?
  6. How much flour does the preparation take?
  7. ¿ How many people can take in the car?
  8. How many books does the library have?
  9. How many hours per week do you work?
  10. How many people know of its existence?
  11. How long do you plan to wait?
  12. How many volunteers showed up?
  13. How many girlfriends has he had?
  14. ¿ How long ago did not see you?
  15. How many chairs do you need?
  16. How many companions are coming today?
  17. How many misspellings did you find?
  18. How many problems came up this week?


  1. ¿ Which of these doors should hit?
  2. ¿ What paths have we gone?
  3. ¿ What tools should I tune?
  4. ¿ What entry it was forced?
  5. ¿ What employees filed complaints?
  6. ¿ What products have been exhausted?
  7. ¿ Which solution is right?
  8. ¿ Which of your friends coming to visit?
  9. ¿ Which of these dressings prefer?
  10. ¿ What were the mistakes?
  11. ¿ Which tree produces better results?
  12. ¿ Which way is safer?
  13. ¿ What students passed to the next stage?
  14. ¿ What application do you recommend for a trip?


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