50 Examples of Descriptive adjectives

The descriptive adjectives are adjectives that indicate a quality or characteristic of the noun to which refer, which can be very general or very specific. For example: The red house .

Descriptive adjectives provide additional information about the noun they accompany, and this information can cover well-perceptible physical issues (such as size or color), or it can delve into subjective issues, influenced by the speaker’s value judgment.

A very important characteristic of all adjectives (including descriptive ones) is that they always agree in gender and number with the noun they modify (although those that end in “e”, which are many, will not show gender variation). often helps to quickly identify them in prayer.

Descriptive adjective types

Within the descriptive adjectives, some grammarians distinguish two subclasses:

  • Qualifying  or specifying adjectives . They mark a property of the noun that in a certain way limits its scope (by excluding all those representatives of its class that do not have that characteristic); in Spanish they always proceed to the noun (the same does not happen in English, where the adjective precedes the noun). For example:  red, large, soft .
  • Numeral adjectives . Cardinal numeraladjectivesare numbers. For example: one, seven. Ordinal numeralsmark an order. For example: second, last.
  • Explanatory adjectives . Also called ‘ evaluative’ or ‘ epithet s ‘, they  reinforce the expressive charge of an attribute of the noun and are written before. They often only mark a property that is inherent in the noun. They are mostly used in literary texts, especially in poetry, because they are highly expressive. For example: A burning sun .

Examples of qualifying descriptive adjectives

Shy Refined Sad
Happy Immense Smart
Craved Conceited Cheerful
Fearless Uncultivated Insensitive
Nosy Yellowish Bluish
Hard Greenish Black
Careful Old Dark
Obsequious Pinkish Extroverted
Cults Rigid Sensitive
Comfortable Sickly Red
Uncomfortable Light blue White
Little Large Simple
Complex Simple Complicated
Fast Beautiful Monotonous
Fleeting Different Wrinkled
Beautiful Colorful Brave
Big Cute Cold
Frozen Burning Hot
purple Perfect Imperfect
Cleansed Square Round
Special Fragile Dirty
Transparent Irresponsible Tired
Tiny Crispy Gray
Small Broken Organized
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Examples of numerical descriptive adjectives

One Fifty Bedroom
Two One hundred Fifth
Three Two Hundred Sixth
Four Three hundred Seventh
Five One thousand Eighth
Six Million Nineth
Seven Trillion Tenth
Eight First Twentieth
Nine Second Thirtieth
Ten Third Fortieth


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