50 Examples of Adverbs of Time

The adverbs of time are those adverbs that provide information about the time the action is performed verb .

They provide chronological data to temporarily locate the action, which can happen in the present , in the past or in the future . For example: I slept well last night .

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The adverbs of time provide temporal information and modify the verb, therefore, they are present in the predicate of the sentence. Within the sentence, the adverbs of time form:

  • Circumstantial of time . For example: My cousins always come here on vacation. (“always” is circumstantial of time)
  • Situational complements of time (if they are headed by a preposition ). For example: I don’t usually ride a motorcycle in winter . (“during the winter” is a circumstantial complement of time)

Examples of adverbs of time

At the moment Right away Usually
Now Meanwhile Never
Last night Eternally Occasionally
Previously Finally Later
Before Frequently Firstly
Formerly Today Soon
Assiduously Initially Promptly
Still Immediately Newly
Yesterday Instantly Recently
Constantly Never Forever
Contemporaneously Later Simultaneously
When Tomorrow Late
Since While Early
Later Momentarily Already

Examples of sentences with adverbs of time

  1. Currently in my house I live with my mother and my brother Rodrigo.
  2. I need you to help me now , please.
  3. Last night I had a horrible nightmare.
  4. Before my little brother Ignacio was born, I was an only child.
  5. Before living in this house, we lived in an apartment.
  6. In the past, stories were told verbally and not in writing.
  7. I try to do my homework regularly.
  8. I still don’t have the exam grade.
  9. I fell out of my chair yesterday .
  10. I have constantly gone out to play with Lourdes last summer.
  11. The war began in April 1982. At the same time , the World Cup was being played in the same country.
  12. Call me when you can.
  13. After 6 p.m., I won’t be able to go out to play with you.
  14. The movie ended on time and we immediately left for our home
  15. Meanwhile , they built the bridge.
  16. Eternally , my parents insist that I go to the dentist once every six months.
  17. Today the novel I was watching with my cousin Clarita ended. Finally the protagonist married the girl.
  18. We often go to my Aunt Maria’s house.
  19. Today can be a great day.
  20. Initially the task was difficult. Then the something simple became.
  21. After playing in the park for several hours, I got home and immediately went for a bath.
  22. After that noise, I instantly understood what had happened.
  23. I will never go out without permission from home again.
  24. After playing in the park, we went to my house.
  25. This morning I fell off my bike.
  26. Meanwhile , at Sofía’s house, we ate cookies that her mother made that day.
  27. The functions were temporarily suspended .
  28. Normally every night I have dinner with my mom, my dad, my brother Valentín and my cousin Thiago.
  29. It is never too late to start.
  30. Occasionally I get mad at Lucas. He doesn’t like to lend me his coloring pencils.
  31. Later , when I get home from school, I have lunch with my mother, my aunt Juana and my grandfather José.
  32. First of all , when I get up in the morning, I have to brush my teeth.
  33. Soon we will be more in my family because my mother is expecting a baby.
  34. The teacher wants us to get to class on time.
  35. just came from school.
  36. The house to the side, which has been empty since six months ago, has been busy recently with new neighbors.
  37. You can always count on my help.
  38. My mom can do several things simultaneously.
  39. This afternoon I’ll take your homework home.
  40. Tomorrow I ‘ll get up very early
  41. We can still play for a while longer.
  42. It is time to go. It has gotten too late.
  43. The movie started late .
  44. never understood why they get along so badly.
  45. We always meet at the supermarket.
  46. Soon we will have news about the casting.
  47. They warned us that there had been an accident and we immediately went there.
  48. regularly do aerobic exercise.
  49. I am currently working independently.
  50. Before I liked horror movies, now I hate them.


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