50 Examples of Adjectives with Z

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: z edge, z Urdo, z elandés .

Most of the adjectives that end in A are feminine ( ave z ancuda ) and those that end in O are masculine ( z oological garden ). There are also adjectives used to describe the same way a male or female noun ( level z onal division z onal ). Furthermore, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( z alamer / z alamer ).

The Z is the last letter of the alphabet. Although in most Spanish-speaking countries it is pronounced with the same sound as the S, in much of Spain its pronunciation is different, since the lisp phenomenon is observed.

Spanish does not have many cases of adjectives beginning with Z. However, there are a variety of adjectives ending with that letter. In these cases, the plural replaces Z with the ending -ces. For example: auda z / bold, Fero z / fierce .

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Adjectives that start with the letter Z

acatec z apathetic z z odiacal
z aino z aragozano z ombi
z airy z edge z onal
z alamero Dutch z z oological
z ambiano z igzaguente z urda
z anchor z imbabuense z urrador
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Adjectives that end with the letter Z

Andalusian z fero z rapa z
atro z leak z saga z
auda z tongue z soe z
automotri z loquacious z suspicious z
layer z morda z had z
die z motri z veil z
efficient z insightful z vera z
fala z pertina z long live z
happy z preco z vora z
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Sentences with adjectives with Z

  1. Zacatecas culture and traditions have been passed down through generations and generations.
  2. The zonal division was carried out in order to distribute resources equitably.
  3. The car was zigzagging down the road, but we were able to avoid it.
  4. Wading birds have very long legs to be able to move around in wetlands.
  5. The Zapatista movement seeks to fight against neoliberalism and vindicate the rights of native peoples.
  6. Eugenia realized that her neighbor was a smoothie and she no longer believed him.
  7. The tsarist regime was abolished after the Russian Revolution in 1917.
  8. The zodiac sign that I like the most is Gemini.
  9. The zoological garden will be closed during the winter period.
  10. My sister is left-handed .
  11. His reflection on the role of the media today was very shrewd .
  12. Having made a decision before listening to all the options was premature .
  13. Jorge was very happy when he spent time with his children.
  14. The big bad wolf became a hackneyed character in children’s stories.
  15. Her friend’s scathing comment hurt her deeply.
  16. When you see a shooting star , make a wish.
  17. The automotive industry was hit hard by the crisis.
  18. The boy was so insightful that he realized everything instantly.
  19. I was always a tenacious person .
  20. He did not feel capable of facing the situation alone, so he asked for help.


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