50 Examples of Adjectives with X

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: x enophobic .

The letter X, along with others like K or W , is rarely used in Spanish. In fact, there are no properly Latin words that are written with X in the initial position, and those few that begin with this letter are usually terms that come from the Greek, where the X transcribes the Greek letter xi (ξ).

This is the case with the prefix xyl-, which is of Greek origin and is used to form nouns and adjectives linked to the term “wood”. For example: x ilóphago .

The same happens with the prefix xeno- , which also comes from the Greek and indicates “foreign” or “strange”. For example: x enophile .

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Adjectives with the letter X

x illophagous and x itosa incone x o
x illographic x orbiting ine x act
x enophile x pansivo ine x plicable
x enophobic x perimental mar x ista
appro x imada x plicative me x icana
asfi x iante x explicit mi x to
conte x tual x pressureist x igenado
conve x or x setting next x imo
x agerada x tenuante refle x ivo
x celent x terminator se x ta
x cesive x red se x ual
x cluent x torsion ta x active
x foliant x traña you x year
x igent x tremo te x til
x iliate x uberante te x tual
x imio fle x ible To x ica
x istente heterode x o yu x tapuesto
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Sentences with adjectives with X

  1. Xylophagous insects are those that feed on wood.
  2. It is called xenophiles to feel admiration for the people of other countries and their customs.
  3. The president’s xenophobic comments were censored across the political spectrum.
  4. The distinguished writer was awarded the highest award in the academy.
  5. The dog ingested a toxic substance and they had to take him to the vet.
  6. The jungles are characterized by exuberant vegetation .
  7. He warned his son not to open the door of his house to strangers .
  8. They must justify the answers of the exam with verbatim citations .
  9. The heat of that afternoon was suffocating .
  10. All the presentations of the congress participants were excellent .
  11. It is  inexplicable to me  that we cannot agree on such a simple issue.
  12. With much effort, Mercedes became a successful businesswoman .
  13. The clothing brand launched an exclusive line for Latin America.
  14. The vaccine is still in an experimental phase .
  15. José’s reaction seemed a bit exaggerated to me .
  16. The new school principal is extremely demanding .
  17. An explanatory text is one that offers information about a topic and develops it.
  18. Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years.
  19. Knowledge of languages ​​is exclusive for the job.
  20. The politician denounced that he had received private photos along with an extortion letter .


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