50 Examples of Adjectives with W

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: w indsurfista, w ichí, w terpolista .

W is one of the last letters of the Latin alphabet and it is a very particular case, since, along with K , it is one of the less frequently used letters in Spanish, although it is widely used in English, and also in some oriental and indigenous languages. For example: w ifi, w eb, w asabi .

The name given to the letter W differs in different countries: it can be called double u, double ve, double ve or even double ve, depending on the region in question.

As the letter W did not exist in Latin, its incorporation into Spanish was by way of loan, and it is only used in terms from other languages. Regarding pronunciation, depending on the case, it can represent the vowel phoneme / u / or the sequence / gu /.

That is why, although there are words with graphic adaptations admitted by the Royal Spanish Academy and which are included in the dictionaries, they are recent and very few additions. On the other hand, many terms related to new technologies begin with W, which has increased the frequency of use in Spanish by speakers, regardless of whether they are incorporated in dictionaries or not.

As will be seen below in the list of examples, adjectives with W in Spanish are limited and have their origin in other languages. Many of them are derived from proper names of prominent personalities in literature, philosophy, history, economics, sociology, among other disciplines, and others are adjectives of places whose names begin with W or contain that letter.

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Adjectives with W

w agnerian w eimarés give w iniano
w ahabita stphalian w ha w aiano
w Alrasian w ichí ku w aiti
w terpolist w indsurfer ne w toniano
w eberian w isconsinita tai w anés
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Sentences with adjectives with W

  1. Wagnerian music completely revolutionized opera.
  2. Washington citizens cast their vote and defined the choice.
  3. The best water polo player in the world decided to retire after twenty years of career.
  4. The Weberian contributions were fundamental in the field of sociology.
  5. The Wichí language has a beautiful and very characteristic sound.
  6. The windsurfer did not achieve the goal he had set for this season.
  7. Darwinian theory seeks to explain the evolution of species.
  8. Hawaiian beaches are my favorites.
  9. Newtonian laws were a turning point in physics.
  10. The Taiwanese businessman made huge profits this year.


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