50 Examples of Adjectives with O

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: o bvio, o kiss, o btusa .

Most of the adjectives that end in A are feminine ( attitude or sada, night or scura ) and those that end in O are masculine ( shelf or organized, moment or portuno ). There are also adjectives that are used in the same way to describe a masculine or feminine noun ( hyphen or riginal, music or riginal ). In addition, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( or cupado / or cupados ).

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Adjectives that start with the letter O

or bediente or cupada or optical
or bjetable or goddess or optimist
o bjective or offensive He or ptimo
or blicuo or ficial or position
or mandatory or fused or ral
or bscena or lfative or ordered
or bserver or ligarchic or ordinary
or bsesive or clean or organic
or bsoleta or lvidadiza or organized
or bstinate or minoso or proud
or bvio or mnipotent or rigorous
or casional or mnivore o rnamental
or cioso or nerous or orthodox
or cre or optional or sada
or ctava or pinable or scuro
or cular or portuna or towel
or cult or pressor or valada
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Sentences with adjectives with O

  1. Maria is proud of her children.
  2. The house was completely tidy before the arrival of the guests.
  3. The oral exam will take place next week.
  4. I painted the furniture, but it was too dark .
  5. His boss’s comment did not seem appropriate at all .
  6. The obtuse angles are those whose amplitude is between 90 and 180 degrees.
  7. The birds sang in the autumn morning .
  8. Children are rarely obedient .
  9. I want to buy an oval table to put on the patio.
  10. The obsessive nature of my father has brought him many problems in life.
  11. The Olympic tennis champion gave interviews to all television channels.
  12. Omnivorous animals eat both animals and plants.
  13. I need an objective view of the situation.
  14. The girl was very observant , so she understood what was happening before they told her.
  15. All my life I was a forgetful person .
  16. Inspection eye by the judge yielded conflicting results.
  17. The operating system of your cell phone is obsolete , you will have to renew it.
  18. His best friend’s reaction was obvious to him , for he knew him too well.
  19. The use of the uniform in the establishment is not optional .
  20. My sister is optimistic about the future, but I am not.
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