50 Examples of Adjectives with L

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: l uminoso, l indo l argas .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( weighs l iviana, critical l iterate ) and ending in O are male ( text l egible, comment l apidario ). There are also adjectives used similarly to describe a masculine or feminine noun ( Color l ocal, wildlife l ocal ). Furthermore, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( l aboral / l aborales ).

L is one of the letters that can form a digraph in Spanish, that is, a set of two letters that represent a single phoneme. Depending on the region, the pronunciation of the double L can vary. For example: ll gold, ll amative, ll ene .

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Adjectives that start with the letter L

he abial l erdo ll year
l beautifull l etal ll eno
he acio l eve ll evade
l aica l iberal ll gold
he regrettable l IBRE ll uviosa
l ampiño l ICITA l ocal
l apidary l igera l oco
l argo l I ijado he ocuaz
he cunning l imitated l Ogică
l ateral l imítrophe l ogistic
he hit He unholy l ograte
l avable he inquires l ongeva
l eal l iric l úcido
l egal l iterary l udic
l egible l itigant l úgubre
l egitimate l iviana l uminosa
he joins ll loving l unatic
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Sentences with adjectives with L

  1. A new literary magazine will be published next month .
  2. Even at ninety, my grandfather was lucid .
  3. Her luminous gaze made him fall in love.
  4. The band rehearsed a lot and came up with a very well accomplished sound .
  5. Their eyes were watery , but they managed to hold back the tears.
  6. Emiliano always goes for a run, except on rainy mornings .
  7. We hire a logistics services company to take care of the delivery of merchandise.
  8. I come from a very long-lived family .
  9. The local government organized a big celebration for the anniversary of the city.
  10. When he entered the abandoned house, there was a grim silence that made him shudder.
  11. The dog, in his enthusiasm, dirtied his clean shirt .
  12. My sister moved to a distant province and I can hardly ever visit her.
  13. They watched the free birds fly and dance .
  14. He packed a light luggage and left quickly.
  15. Warfare broke out between neighboring countries .
  16. Seeing the sanded furniture , he knew he had done a good job.
  17. I have straight hair , but I would love to have curlers.
  18. The ludic proposal of the afternoon entertained everyone present.
  19. Fortunately, the wall was made of washable paint , since the children had filled it with drawings.
  20. They were able to finish the laborious task of harvesting all that was sown.


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