50 Examples of Adjectives with J

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: j aponés, j usto , j oven .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( decision j USTA, was j urease ) and ending in O are male ( tone j ocoso, lemon j ugoso ). There are also adjectives used similarly to describe a male or female noun ( problem j udicial, as j udicial ). Furthermore, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( j ovial / j oviales ).

However, Spanish does not present many cases of adjectives beginning with J, and some are very rare or have fallen into disuse.

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Adjectives that start with the letter J

j abalinero j ocosa j ugadora
j fertilizer j onic j ugoso
j active j onium j uguetón
go ahead j ordano j uiciosa
j alapeño j ornalero j daub
j amaiquino j gold j Urado
j aponesa j oven j urator
j aranero j ovial j urasic
j rough j ubilated j uridic
j Avanés j ubiloso j usta
j azzista j udicative j usticiera
j erarquizador j udicial j ustificable
j esuita j udio j uvenil
j íbaro j uerguista j uzgador
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Sentences with adjectives with J

  1. The Japanese brand is a leader in the motorcycle market.
  2. Ripe fruits are the juiciest .
  3. Today is the Jewish New Year .
  4. During the Jurassic period the largest dinosaurs on the planet lived.
  5. All judicial authorities were removed due to poor performance.
  6. Yamila works in a law firm .
  7. His youthful and laid-back style contrasted with the sobriety of the rest of his family.
  8. The dog crossed the river and came panting .
  9. The mother made a fair decision for all the siblings.
  10. He was not a judicious person when he was carried away by his emotions.
  11. Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer .
  12. José is retired and decided to invest his savings in his own business.
  13. My grandmother was a very righteous person .
  14. Yesterday we met again with my friends, it was a joyous moment for everyone.
  15. It must be measured when cooked with jalapeño pepper , as it is very spicy.
  16. Although it was a justifiable opinion , it generated a lot of controversy in public opinion.
  17. He looked for two trees together to hang his hammock.
  18. The Ionic style is one of the architectural styles of Ancient Greece.
  19. Few understood his humorous comment .
  20. Her friend always had a jovial character .
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