50 Examples of Adjectives with I

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: i dóneo, i mposible, i nhumano .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( story i maginaria face i nexpresiva ) and ending in O are male ( verdict i njusto, when i napropiado ). There are also adjectives that are used in the same way to describe a masculine or feminine noun ( outlet i deal, outfit i deal ). Furthermore, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( i nfame / i nfames ).

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Adjectives that start with the letter I

i dealist i inconsistent i nquieto
i dentico i ncomfortable i nsignificant
i gnorant i ncorrecto i nsistent
i legal i ncreíble i nsólita
i logic i ndecisa i nstitutional
i luso i ndefense i nTelligenT
i mpatient i ndiferente i ntencional
i mpecable i ndignada i ntensa
i mperceptible i ndispensable i nteresante
i mperfect i ndividual i nternational
i waterproof i ndustrial í intimate
i important i nfantil i ntolerant
i impressive i nfeliz i ntrascendent
i m probable i nfernal i ntuitivo
i mprudente i nflammable i nusual
i mpulsive i nformal i n plausible
i nacceptable i nfructuoso i undefeated
i inappropriate i ngeniosa i Nvisible
i naudito i ngrate i rónica
i ncalculable i nmenso i rational
i ncapable i nmoral i regular
i ncertain i mobile i rritante
i ncipiente i nocent i taliana
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Sentences with adjectives with I

  1. It’s useless to keep trying, I won’t make it.
  2. Your attitude is completely childish , I hope you reconsider.
  3. Teresa and Darío decided to get married, but they will have an informal celebration .
  4. Selfish people are incapable of empathy.
  5. The industrial sector has been the hardest hit by the crisis.
  6. My grandmother was Italian.
  7. Marina found a defenseless puppy on the street and kept it.
  8. Gasoline is a flammable substance .
  9. The practical work must be done individually.
  10. Sebastián felt uncomfortable with the answer that Matías gave him.
  11. It’s amazing to me that we keep discussing the same issues all the time.
  12. The outraged citizens demonstrated in the streets.
  13. Children are so insistent that they often win out of exhaustion.
  14. Estela was undecided between studying Medicine or Biology.
  15. It is very important that everyone read the instructions carefully before answering the test.
  16. Lisandro was always an impulsive person .
  17. Nina is the smartest student in her class.
  18. The neighbor is indifferent to noise complaints from the entire neighborhood.
  19. The volleyball team was undefeated at the end of the tournament.
  20. Pablo’s love for his children is immense.


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