50 Examples of Adjectives with G

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: g ustoso, g enerosa, g ris .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( girl g PACU, exposure g enial ) and ending in O are male ( metal g Rueso number g Anador ). There are also adjectives used to describe the same way a male or female noun ( dog g Rande penalty g Rande ). In addition, all vary in number, that is, may be singular or plural ( g eneral / g eneral ).

The letter G can have two sounds:

  • Loud sound. When followed by E or I, G is pronounced as a J. For example: g estual, g iratorio .
  • Weak sound. When followed by A, O, U or any consonant, its pronunciation is weak. For example: g ubernamental, g ratis, g astador . The same happens when it is followed by the groups UE or UI, in which case the U is silent. For example: g uerrero, g uiadora .
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Adjectives that start with the letter G

alactic g g eológico g raph
go ahead ermanic g g ranate
g allardo g estual g randiloquent
g allega g igante g randioso
g arante g lacial g rasoso
g toilet g lamorosa g while
g horned llorious g g ratuito
astronomical g g lotón g rave
g elido g obernante g quarrelsome
g emelo g olosa g irrigation
g eneral g olpista g rhyton
g enerose g ordo g rosero
g enital g otic g rotesca
g entil g ozoso rupal g
g entilicon g easy g uarro
g enuino g raciosa Guatemalan g uatemalan
g eográfica g radual g uerrera
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Sentences with adjectives with G

  1. The term “Guatemalan” is a gentile adjective .
  2. I like all the novels of Germanic origin .
  3. How rewarding it is when things go your way.
  4. Group discussion in class always pays off.
  5. The situation is much more serious than we thought.
  6. Children tend to have a sweet tooth .
  7. Twin brothers have a special connection to each other.
  8. The ruling party is making good decisions in the economic sphere.
  9. The manager usually the company was fired this morning.
  10. Everyone has been very gentle with me.
  11. I ask you please not to be rude.
  12. The portion of cake that Juan served was very generous.
  13. The gastronomic industry is constantly renewed.
  14. A mountain is a landform.
  15. My mother was always very loud.
  16. Water can be in liquid, solid or gaseous form.
  17. Access to museums should be free.
  18. The change cannot be sudden, it must necessarily be gradual.
  19. It is great to see the children grow up.
  20. Mariela wants to study Graphic Design .
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