50 Examples of Adjectives with F

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: f amoso, f resca, f elices .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( novel f antástica, food f avorita ) and ending in O are male ( business f raudulento, attempt f Allido ). There are also adjectives used to describe the same way a male or female noun ( dog f iel, version f iel ). In addition, they all vary in number, that is, they can be in the singular or plural ( f raternal / f raternales ).

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Adjectives that start with the letter F

f April f tabby f loja
f abulous f atuo f luido
f asy f avorable f ocal
f actible f intoxicated f ogoso
f alaz f eliz f ormativo
f alico f eminista f ormidable
f there phenomenal f f otogénica
f high f Eroz fragile f
f amélica f Ertil f ranch
f amily f estiva f raudulent
f amoso f iel f recount
f anfarrón f inal f rescue
narrow f f inancial f rontal
f antstic f ino f eath
f ascinating f leave f undamental
f atal f laco f unesta
f atidic f lexible f uturista
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Sentences with adjectives with F

  1. Yesterday we went to the cinema to see a futuristic movie .
  2. The feminist movement has gained a lot of strength in recent years.
  3. The government announced new financial measures .
  4. It was a cold , moonless night .
  5. My sister is very photogenic .
  6. I really enjoy cool summer mornings .
  7. Human rights are fundamental rights that must be guaranteed.
  8. They stopped at the corner to let the funeral procession pass .
  9. They gazed in admiration at the lush trees in the park.
  10. They put on a fabulous show.
  11. Fertile soils must be used for cultivation.
  12. The familiar treatment she received made her feel very comfortable and happy .
  13. Stretching every day helps you have a flexible body .
  14. The journalist had a failed act while conducting the newscast.
  15. You have to solve the easy problems first , then concentrate on the difficult ones.
  16. They should make a list of high frequency words .
  17. The dog had muddy legs after playing in the mud.
  18. It was a time really tremendous for all of us.
  19. The Big Bad Wolf is a character that appears in several classic tales.
  20. They made a firm decision never to return to that place again.


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