50 Examples of Adjectives with B

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun  and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: b ell, b reve, b Lando .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( child b her house b onita ) and ending in O are male ( pants b Arato, ceiling b garlic ). There are also adjectives used to describe the same way a male or female noun ( moon b rillante, sun b rillante ). In addition, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( b anal / b anal ).

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Adjectives that start with the letter B

b here b idirectional b onito
b ailable b ilateral b open
b garlic b ilingual b orrosa
b anal b imestral b osy
b ancario b inaria b ottanus
b arata b iográfico b ravo
b arboreal b iológico b reve
b arbudo b Ipedo b rillante
b arroso b ipolar b ritnic
b asic b isexual b romista
b asto b izarra b bronzed
b elicosa b left b rumosa
b it b white b rusco
b enéfic b landa rutal b
b enévola b horny b ucolic
b enigno b ohemian b ullicious
b erlin b oliviano b urdo
b ibliophile b onachón b urlon
b idimensional b waved b urocrático
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Sentences with adjectives with B

  1. We wanted to have a good time, but the situation turned out to be embarrassing for everyone.
  2. He tried to convince his mother with a crude lie.
  3. Maria is bilingual .
  4. The bilateral agreement between the two countries was a success.
  5. The driver made a sudden movement to avoid the cyclist.
  6. The yearbook photograph must be taken with a white wall in the background.
  7. My cousin is a joker by nature.
  8. I came back tanned from my vacation on the coast.
  9. Once the bank deposit is made , you will receive your product.
  10. You eat well in that restaurant, but it’s too noisy .
  11. The ship was hardly visible on that foggy morning .
  12. Marcelo’s jaw dropped when he saw her arrive.
  13. All proceeds will be donated to a charity .
  14. My brother was always very rough with me.
  15. I hate when you speak to me with that mocking tone .
  16. My grandmother was a very caring person .
  17. The British plane landed on German soil.
  18. Student evaluations will be bimonthly .
  19. All my life I was a bibliophile person .
  20. The award-winning writer in the competition is from Berlin .
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