50 Examples of Adjectives with A

The adjectives are words that are used to modify a noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number. For example: a mable, a lto, a cogedora. 

Most of the adjectives that end in A are feminine ( house to lta, girl to stuta ) and those that end in O are masculine ( business to ambitious, old to old ). In addition, there are adjectives that are used in the same way to describe a masculine or feminine noun ( pants to zul, wall to zul ). In addition, all vary in number, that is, may be singular or plural ( to gil / to Giles ).
Sentences with adjectives with A

  1. All dogs are adorable to me .
  2. You can tell that the new secretary is very clever .
  3. Your sacrifice is admirable to me .
  4. I invite you to the acoustic show of Coldplay.
  5. That alley was never good lighting .
  6. I prefer to support sustainable and artisanal development .
  7. Do you like bitter mate ?
  8. This is the spacious room where the event will take place.
  9. The entire terrace is also usable , if necessary.
  10. From now on you are an active user of the platform.
  11. They made me an ambitious proposal .
  12. They always fall in love with your blue eyes .
  13. After the abrupt cutoff, the actors apologized to the audience.
  14. There is a huge difference between this technical service and the one we used before.
  15. We are acquiring agile tools for remote work.
  16. This is the part of the soprano, which can sing very high .
  17. And with that overwhelming reception, Sandra began her speech.
  18. We toured the old town and the old monastery.
  19. My son is eager to resume his piano lessons.
  20. Before he was a happy child , something must be happening to him.
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