50 Best Websites for Buying Bags

Has your bag now become excessively worn and, therefore, would you like to replace it? Are you looking for a new model of bag to match your look, but wandering around the shops you can’t find anything interesting? Well, if that’s the case, you could turn to one of the many sites that allow you to buy bags online.

How do you say? Does this seem like an interesting solution and would you like to know more? No sooner said than done! In fact, if you dedicate a little of your attention to me, I can show you all those that, in my humble opinion, represent the best sites for bags currently available on the market. You can contact them to buy bags of the best brands, hand-made items, used and so on and so forth. In short, you are spoiled for choice.

Then? May I know what are you still standing there? Position yourself comfortably, take a few free minutes just for you and immediately start concentrating on reading what is written below. I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to say that you are very happy and satisfied, both with the “discoveries” made and with the successful purchases. Let it bet?


  • Sites for discounted bags
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Other sites for discounted bags
  • Sites for custom bags
    • Photo Yes
    • Other sites for custom bags
  • Sites for used bags
    • Amazon Warehouse
    • eBay used
    • Vinted
    • Ad sites

Sites for discounted bags

Would you like to buy a new bag and would you like to save a little on the actual selling price? Then try searching on the sites for discounted bags listed below. You will see that, in no time at all, you will be able to find what you need at an attractive price.


The first of the bag sites I suggest you consider is Amazon . This is the e-commerce portal par excellence, through which it is possible to buy not only bags, but also any other kind of article: books, household products, clothes, computers and so on and so forth. Every day there are many offers and deliveries – for products shipped directly from Amazon – usually take place in a single day, provided that you are Prime customers (otherwise it takes 2-3 working days for delivery and shipments can be for a fee). Do not forget the possibility of making the return free of charge for items within 30 days of their purchase with a full refund of the amount spent.

To use Amazon, go to the home page of the site and create an account, placing the mouse pointer on the item Hello, Login which is located at the top right, selecting the New customer? Start here from the menu that appears and fill in the proposed form with your details. For more details, read my guide on how to register on Amazon . If, on the other hand, you already have an account, after clicking on the login button, enter your login credentials.

After registration and / or login completed, associate a payment method to the profile, if you were not already registered and if you had not done so in advance. To do this, click on Hello [your name] at the top right and on the item Your payments that you find on the new page displayed. At this point, click on the button to add a credit / debit card or to link your bank account and follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the procedure. More info here .

Now you can finally dedicate yourself to buying the bags! So, click on the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top left, select the item Show all that you find in the Choose by category menu in the bar that has opened, click on the words Clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories and then choose the Luggage category . On the new page that opens, click on the sub-category relating to the type of bag you are interested in (eg hand and shoulder bags , gym bags , etc.).

Alternatively, you can search by keyword, by typing the keyword of your interest in the appropriate bar at the top and clicking on the button with the magnifying glass located on the right.

Afterwards, you will be shown the page containing the articles. If necessary, you can refine the display of the available products using the filters in the left sidebar, through which you can only view those falling within a specific price range, a specific brand, with specific characteristics, etc.

When you find an article that interests you, click on its preview , then consult the description sheet and read the reviews and estimated delivery times. If you intend to proceed with the purchase, select the options that may be available for the chosen product and press the Add to cart button located on the right.

In conclusion, click on the Cart item at the top of the screen and complete the order by following the proposed wizard. For more information, refer to my guide on how to buy on Amazon .

Please note that Amazon is also available as an app for Android smartphones and tablets (also on alternative stores for devices without Google services) and for iOS / iPadOS .


Another bag site I suggest you turn to is eBay . It is a portal through which it is possible to buy bags and any other kind of article, both new and used, through various methods: directly, by making proposals, or by auction (which is the system that has made famous the site). As for shipping and returns, it all depends on the seller, so it is always good to check the details in question before proceeding with your purchases.

To buy bags on eBay, the first thing you need to do is to connect to the home page of the site and register an account, selecting the item register at the top left and filling in the form that is proposed to you with the required data. For more details, you can check out my guide on how to register on eBay . If you already have an account, log in directly by clicking on the Login link which is always located at the top left.

After registration and / or login, expand the menu Choose the category at the top, then select the category Clothing and accessories and click on the sub-category of your interest from the left sidebar (eg. Women> Bags and handbags , Men> Accessories etc.).

As an alternative to what I have just indicated, you can search by keyword, typing the one you are interested in in the Search for anything field at the top of the screen and pressing the Search button .

When you find an item that you think may be of interest to you, if it is available for purchase, click on the Buy it now button (to immediately complete the transaction) or on the Make a proposal button (to make a purchase proposal). Instead, if the item is for sale by auction, enter your bid in the field provided and click on the Bid button to become the highest bidder and try to win the product when the auction expires.

In all cases, to ensure that the purchase is successful you will then be asked to provide a valid shipping address and payment method, if you were not already registered and if you had not done so in advance. For more details, I suggest you consult my specific guide on how to buy on eBay .

Please note that eBay is also available as an app for Android smartphones and tablets (also on alternative stores for devices without Google services) and for iOS / iPadOS devices .

Other sites for discounted bags

Did none of the portals to find bags at a discounted price that I have already indicated convinced you in a particular way? Would you like me to suggest other sites suitable for the purpose? Then take a look at the ones you find in the list below. I sincerely hope they are able to satisfy you.

  • Zalando– is a well-known and highly appreciated portal for what concerns the purchase of clothing and accessories. It always has many interesting offers, which is why it can be labeled as one of the best sites for economic bags . It allows you to choose from over 1,000 fashion brands, with items for both men and women. Shipments are always free of charge and offers the possibility of making the return free of charge. It is also available as an app for Android mobile devices (also on alternative stores for devices without Google services) and iOS / iPadOS .
  • Privalia– is a famous online outlet where you can buy bags, clothing, household items and much more. Unlike other e-commerce portals, articles on Privalia remain available online only for a certain period of time, until the related sales campaign expires. Shipping costs are foreseen (except for some cases where it is expressly indicated) and are variable, while the return can be made within 14 days from delivery with the shipping costs borne by the buyer. For more information, see my guide on how Privalia works . It can also be used as an app for Android devices(even on alternative stores for devices without Google services) andiOS / iPadOS .
  • Spartoo– famous fashion portal that includes a special section for the sale of bags, for both men and women, for all tastes and budgets. It also sells shoes, clothing and various accessories, offering over 6,000 different brands, including the most prominent ones, so it is also fully part of the category of sites for designer bags . Product delivery and return are both free. There is also the app for Android devices(even on alternative stores for devices without Google services) and iOS / iPadOS .

Sites for custom bags

Are you looking for sites for personalized bags because the items that are around fail to fully attract your attention as they are not very original? Then try to contact the portals that I have reported to you below. Thanks to them, in fact, you can have fun creating bags similar to your taste, applying writings, photos, etc.

Photo Yes

PhotoSì is an excellent website through which you can print photos and create customized photographic products of various types, including bags, as well as mobile phone covers, frames and much more. The prices are quite affordable and in the specific case of the bags it starts from 12.00 euros. In addition, bonus credit is usually offered to be spent in conjunction with the first order placed.

To start using PhotoSì, go to the home page of the service and create an account, by clicking on the item Login in the top right, then on the Register link , indicating whether you intend to use your email address or the Facebook or Google account and providing the requested data. If you already have an account, click on the Your account link at the top right, select the Login item from the menu that opens and enter your login data.

Once registered and / or logged in, move the mouse pointer to the Fashion item located at the top and select the word Custom Bags from the menu that opens. In the new page that is shown to you, identify the product of your interest among those proposed (eg Shooper Melange , Shopping bag , etc.) and press the relevant Create now button .

Therefore, use the service editor to add phrases, graphics, images, etc. on your bag, selecting what you prefer using the menus and options on the left and dragging everything into the work area on the right. To add your photos, instead, click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen and choose the location from which to take them.

When you have finished creating and customizing your bag, click on the Order button located at the top right, type the name you want to assign to the project in the appropriate field that appears, click on the Save project and Order button , on the Confirm project and then on the Continue order button , then provide the data relating to your address, those to make the payment and proceed with the purchase.

Other sites for custom bags

The solution that I have already proposed to you has not satisfied you and are you looking for other sites to buy customized bags? In this case, try to take a look at the additional portals useful for the purpose that I have reported to you below.

  • Burger Print– this is a website dedicated to printing personalized bags, as well as t-shirts, backpacks, caps and so on and so forth. Allows you to choose models, colors, type of printing, etc.
  • Spreadshirt– another website for the creation and printing of personalized bags, as well as T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and various other garments and accessories. The main feature is the ability to purchase items with a print created by other users, as well as to create your own and sell it by registering on the site’s e-commerce platform.
  • 12print– is a web service that allows you to create personalized photo prints and accessories with your own images, including bags. Furthermore, on the first order, a discount of 5 euros is applied.

Sites for used bags

In conclusion, I want to point out the ones that, in my opinion, represent the best sites for used bags , to which you can consider contacting for the purchase of a second-hand bag.

Amazon Warehouse

Yes, even for what concerns second-hand bags, Amazon can be a real godsend! The famous portal for e-commerce, in fact, incorporates a special section, called Warehouse , in which it is possible to find used items, precisely, but also products with small defects or packages that have been opened, all sold at decidedly prices. interesting.

To access it, visit this page of the Amazon site and start looking for the used bag of your interest, selecting the Shoes and bags category from the central part of the screen or from the menu on the left or, again, by carrying out a direct search using the appropriate bar present. up. When you find the used bag you like, proceed with the purchase, carrying out the same operations that I described in the step at the beginning of the article .

eBay used

There are also many second-hand products available on eBay , including bags, which are sold at much cheaper prices than new products. The items belonging to this category are expressly indicated as used and can be identified in a very simple way.

To do this, go to the eBay home page , search by category or keyword, select the Used filter from the Condition section in the menu on the left side of the page and proceed with the search, selection and purchase of the bag of your interest, following the same instructions that I have already given you in the step dedicated to eBay at the beginning of the guide .


Still on the subject of used bag sites, I suggest you take a look at Vinted . In case you have never heard of it, it is a famous platform for the purchase, sale and exchange of used clothing, as well as shoes and accessories, which is literally depopulating a bit all over the world, Italy included. It should be noted that we do not interface directly with the seller for what concerns the transactions, but there is the platform to act as an intermediary and purchase protection is also offered.

To be able to use it for your purpose, connect to the home page of the site and click on the Subscribe | button Sign in which is located at the top right. In the window that opens, click on the Sign up link and fill in the form displayed with the required information. Alternatively, you can decide to log in with your Google , Facebook or Apple account . If you already have an account, select the Login item and log in.

After registration and / or access, you need to worry about adding your shipping address and a payment method to your account. To do this, click on the little man icon at the top right, then on the Settings item attached to the menu that appears and, in the new page displayed, select the first item Shipping and the Payments on the side and click on the links on the right to provide the necessary details.

After completing the above steps, you can finally dedicate yourself to researching and purchasing your bag. So, if you are interested in a bag for women, select the item Woman from the menu at the top, then that Bags from the menu that opens and, subsequently, the sub-category of your interest (eg Shoulder bags , Canvas bags etc.). If, on the other hand, you are interested in items for men, select the item Men from the top menu, then the Accessories item and, subsequently, select the item Bags and backpacks .

As an alternative to as I have indicated above, you can carry out a direct search of what you are interested in, by typing the keyword of your interest in the text field at the top and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

Once the page with the results of the search performed is displayed, if you deem it necessary, you can filter the various bags that are proposed to you using the menus at the top, in order to limit the display only to the articles of a specific color, to those related to a particular brand, to those that fall within a specific price range, etc.

When you find a bag that you think might interest you, click on its preview to open the page with the price, description, photos and all the other details. If you feel you need more information, you can contact the seller and ask what you are interested in by clicking the Ask for information button on the right.

If the chosen bag convinces you and you actually want to proceed with the purchase, press the Buy button and complete the transaction by following the wizard displayed. For more details, I invite you to refer to my specific guide on how Vinted works .

If you are interested in this, I inform you that Vinted is also usable from smartphones and tablets, in the form of an app for Android (also on alternative stores for devices without Google services) and for iOS / iPadOS .

Ad sites

If you go looking for used bags, classifieds sites can also prove to be particularly good . These are portals on which everyone has the opportunity to publish advertisements relating to products or services for sale. It is then up to any buyers to contact the advertiser and conclude the deal in person or by requesting the shipment of the items.

There are no intermediaries, so you interact directly with those who put the item up for sale, which allows you to speed up the conclusion of business, but at the same time also increases the risk of running into scammers. Precisely for this reason, it is of fundamental importance to carry out research on the identity of the seller and to be well informed about the conditions of the bag offered for sale before proceeding.

Among the most popular classifieds sites I point out Immediately and Kijiji . They all work practically the same way: you look for the product you are interested in (in this specific case a bag), you get in touch with the seller via message or phone call and conclude the deal. More info here .

Even Facebook can fall into the category of ad sites and then in that of the sites for second hand bags. The famous social network of Mark Zuckerberg, in fact, incorporates a special section, called Marketplace , used for the sale of used items. Alternatively, you can refer to market groups , which are those specifically designed to sell used items. For more details, read my guide on how to activate Marketplace on Facebook . As for the market groups, however, you can find them by visiting this other section of Facebook . For more information, you can read my guide on how to sell on Facebook .


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