5 web pages to start your university thesis project

 thesis  is one of the most important academic challenges for a student, in which you will reflect the knowledge acquired throughout your career, therefore, it is essential to have sufficient resources and quality materials.

In that sense, there are some  web pages  available to all audiences that have quality academic content and provide various resources that will help you  in the research process of your thesis.


  1. MIT 

Page where you will find news on various topics, take courses in disciplines of all kinds (Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Engineering, Calculus, etc.) and also do readings and learn everything you need for free.

  1. Diigo

Forget about the hassle of organizing your research material. Access this website that will allow you to manage the content of your thesis, highlight it and share it with other people.

  1. Project Gutenberg

In this public domain library you will be able to see all the bibliographic resources, such as books and research papers that can give you new ideas to give the final touch to your thesis.

  1. Redalyc

The Network of Scientific Journals of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal where you will find scientific information on various topics.

  1. Reference Tracker 

Application available for the iOS operating system in which you can archive documents and then use them as a reference or appointment.


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