Walking is a good activity to maintain a healthy body. This can make the body avoid diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Halosehat.com  notes that walking can encourage blood circulation so the heart becomes stronger. Heart health will make cholesterol and blood sugar levels drop. In addition, walking will also make the muscles work faster so it will help glucose absorption. The impact? this will make you avoid diabetes.

But not only the diseases above, because walking regularly can make your body more ideal. This method is suitable for maintaining your weight after spending a long vacation with snacks and foods that contain high sugar and salt.


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Walk fast


Walking can help you reduce calories. But there is something even better which is to walk quickly. The study cited by  Medical News Today  explains that the higher the intensity of a person walking, the higher calories burned.

So to give effect to the reduction in calories, you should really need to walk faster than just taking a leisurely walk. You can do it for thirty minutes because this can burn 100 to 300 calories. But you can continue it for more than thirty minutes because it will be more efficient in processing fat into energy in the body.


Using Chest Protector


Now another alternative that you can do to burn calories is to use chest protectors. Using chest protectors when walking will make a person’s body go the extra mile.

Studies show that people who walk 2.5 miles per hour on a flat surface while wearing a vest that is 15 percent of their body weight will be able to burn 12 percent more calories than people who do not do it. But this is not recommended for those of you who have suffered from ankle disease  


Strengthen Power at Specific Pauses


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You can also strengthen energy while walking to burn calories while walking. Try walking for five to 10 minutes to warm up and then continue to run fast stably for 10 to 15 seconds before walking normally again.

Do this repeatedly to have an effect on your body’s metabolism, especially for your weight loss. Do this in stages so that it can give maximum effect.


Walking Short Distance Every Day 


Walking long distances is good for the body but walking short distances with more intensity is also good. Even for busy people who have limited time, walking a short distance can be very effective.

One  study  showed that walking for 15 minutes three times a day after eating can be in a short distance can maintain blood pressure levels rather than walking all day for 45 minutes.

For those of you who are super busy or only have a short time running short every day can help reduce calories and weight.


1000 Steps Every Day 


Health experts advise people to walk as many as 10,000 steps per day because this is the ideal step to lose weight. Walking that much shows your consistency.


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