5 Ways to Train Children to Be Honest

Which parent is not happy to see his child can say honestly. Yes, training honesty in children needs to be instilled early on, so that he can grow into a good and trustworthy person until adulthood.

Moms, if your child is telling the truth, try to appreciate his efforts. That you can show by not scolding him if the honesty spoken by the child turns out to be a bad thing.

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Scolding or even punishing children when expressing honesty can actually make children afraid. This condition risks making children will lie more often in the future.

In addition, there are a few more tips you can do to foster honesty in children, such as the following MOM coil summarized.

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1. Give a good example

Reported by Young Parents, do not ever expect your child can be honest with you if you yourself are not being honest or unfriendly in front of him. Yes Moms, children are accomplished imitators. He will imitate whatever his parents do in front of him. So make sure you can set a good example so that your child can also be honest in front of you.

Indeed, giving a good example to children is not enough once or twice. Sometimes it takes several attempts so the child can imitate what you have done.

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2. Give praise

When your child can be honest and open, don’t forget to give appreciation to your child. Praise him and give a warm hug or kiss on the cheek or forehead, saying ‘thank you, dear. I’m so glad you want to be honest. ”

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3. Tell the child that lying has consequences

When you are training your child to be honest, also tell him that if someone is lying, then he will no longer be trusted by many people.

Yes Moms, children need to understand that they will have consequences if they lie or do not tell the truth to their parents and friends. Moreover, for those of you whose children go to school, this is certainly very impactful. For this reason, it is important to instill honesty and other virtues in children from an early age.

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4. Give trust

Who doesn’t like being given someone’s trust? So even with your child , Moms. Children will certainly feel happy if they are given trust by you.

For example, when you give a snack to your child, don’t forget to tell him also to share the food with his sister. If he does what you tell him to do, don’t forget to compliment your child, Moms! However, if he finished the meal alone, still give appreciation at the beginning with what he had said because it was honest.

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5. Stay away from the word ‘liar’

Reported by the Baby Center, when you find your child lying, do not ever call him a liar. Because this will actually make your child to come back to be dishonest and afraid to reveal the things that actually happened.

Then you should be able to calmly and firmly say that you do not like lies, but this will not reduce your love for him. Instead your child will know that you are not happy with what he has done, but he realizes that he has the opportunity to explain why he is not honest.


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