5 ways to overcome postpartum depression

Depression after childbirth What can happen from it?

  • Have a history of depression, anxiety, or major life changes that leave a scar on your mind. For example Has been abused Or divorce
  • The family has a problem Especially Financial problems And sexual problems
  • Stressful of being unable to breastfeed, milk not flowing, or feeling like you can’t be a good mother, etc.

Which each of the reasons mentioned above It is a reason that can be classified as being sensitive. If you do not know how to treat the spot Is difficult to pass through that time And today, the team will present 5 ways to overcome postpartum depression. Come and leave all your parents. What will be there? Let’s go see it together better.

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How to overcome

  • Find people to talk to and listen to.– That we will be able to overcome postpartum depression that is. Finding people to talk to and hear how we feel. The most appropriate person is someone close to you, for example, your husband, and if your husband listens And still don’t understand Let your mother turn to talk to your parents. Relatives or even close friends Open up to him to hear And those who listen It is wise to understand that Sometimes when your wife Or even your friends to talk to you then. Sometimes he doesn’t want to hear anything. Just wanted to find someone to listen to The person with whom he can talk comfortably.
  • Eat only good and wholesome food– especially Fresh fruits and vegetables Plus, freshly squeezed fruit juice is a great source of vitamins that help mothers feel refreshed and help the body’s systems work more efficiently. As for foods such as sweets or small meals, they should be avoided. Then turn to eating foods that are often useful in small quantities and do not have to think about dieting or losing weight right now. Because it will make the body lack of nutrients And where will your child take the nutrients to nourish the brain and help the development of the children’s bodies?
  • Get enough rest During the day, mothers should try to take a nap. And looking for someone to take care of the child at night In order to have more time to rest Refreshing Because the body that is exhausted will make the symptoms of depression that are currently worse You have to be careful not to overdo yourself. Don’t force what you can’t do. When tired, sit back, sit or lie down, raise your legs high, relax your mind, listen to your favorite music, read a book. It will help to freshen up.
  • Take care and take care of yourself Mom, don’t worry about things you shouldn’t worry about. If the house is getting dirty or cluttered, calm down and do this little by little. Know to let go Don’t put yourself in the stress of everything. And you should always think of yourself in a positive light and encourage yourself. As for the father, do not demand or expect the house to be clean. Come back, the food must be ready, as you did when you didn’t have children. This will make your mother worry and become too distracted by the housework.
  • Do light exercise,try not to become too cluttered around the house and too obsessed with raising children. You should spend time walking with your child or do some light exercise or do yoga. Can be done as well Exercise will help mom feel energized. And refreshed

Depression, a condition that no one wants to be But if it is, then it can pass through As long as you and those around you understand

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