5 ways to start 2020 with everything

As the last days of the year get closer, our tendency to postpone important decisions intensifies.

One of our biggest mistakes is leaving loose ends before the turn of the year . And if you do this every year, there is a great risk of becoming an accumulator.

With the year beginning and many opportunities on the horizon, the time is ripe to remove some ghosts from the closet, put everything in place and avoid mistakes made in previous years. Good planning avoids headaches and allows you to set goals that can make your goals even more solid.

1 – Make lists of what is still unfinished

When we have several tasks to complete and a short period of time, our sense of organization collapses, and anxiety flares up.

At these times, the ideal is to list everything you still have to do.

Look inside your company and put all the activities you should have done on paper.

With that done, organize them in order of priority.

Some things may seem impossible, but certainly with a little dedication, projects start to unfold. And that time that would be consumed in January with the initial kick-off, can now be used in new projects.

Some extra tips:

  • Fancy the lists, make them as visual and attractive as possible.
  • List all activities.
  • Make copies and spread them across environments that you spend a good part of your time in, this way your focus will not be lost.

2 – Create goals with expiration date

Thinking about what you would like to achieve and not imposing a deadline only opens loopholes for your goals to fall by the wayside .

The scenario is constantly changing and its goals must follow the news of the market. Therefore, leaving a goal forgotten for a long time can make it lose its meaning.

Look at the short, medium and long term and outline your goals for each of these scenarios.

Some extra tips:

  • Before creating a list of goals for the next 5 years, focus on what is closest, namely the next year.
  • Set a maximum deadline of 3 months for goals that can be easily met.
  • Involve your team in all goals, this only qualifies the work.

3 – Stop deferring what needs to be done

If you really want 2020 to be an excellent year, you need to stop postponing activities, decisions and meetings.

When you postpone something, the only one who is harmed is you.

Your time and resources are important, wasting them is a big shot in the foot.

Try to finish everything you started, however difficult it may be. Some activities can take a lot of time, but this need not be a problem.

Educating yourself to finish activities is the first step that helps to increase productivity.

Some extra tips:

  • Ask someone for help when you are having difficulty completing your activities, it is not a sin.
  • Focus only on the activities that need to be done, deviation from focus can lead to procrastination.
  • Listen to what your colleagues have to say, this can help a lot when developing activities.

4 – Invest in news

New Year New Life. Right?

Changes are important, and if your year 2019 was not very profitable and satisfactory the best time to implement news is now.

Don’t wait until 2020 to think about what you would like to see different in your company.

The changes need not be drastic , it can even be something in the company’s look, the important thing is to mark the beginning of a new cycle.

Asking employees what they would like to see differently, their ideas can be a thermometer of how things can change.

Some extra tips:

  • Colors and decoration of the environment are things that can be changed and that tend to fall in the taste of the employees.
  • Invest in courses and training.
  • Create themed weeks for the whole team to bond.

5 – Start in December

Although it is still almost the end of 2019, it is never too late to start planning .

January is a complicated month, and letting up for difficulties only when problems start to appear will not help you.

Start today to plan everything you need to make January an excellent month.
If you really want a year where your projects come true, the first month is where you should start.

Some extra tips:

  • List everything that needs to be done in January and ways to get the activities done.

Treat January as a priority.

And do not forget

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