5 ways to protect against coronavirus disease that can be taken together

South Korea, Italy, Italy, Iran, Iran, Japan (Japan), France (France), Germany (Germany), Spain (Spain), USA (USA) and now India (India). Coronavirus has caused worldwide outrage. The corona virus, which was earlier known only to China, has now expanded its scope. All the countries of the world are in the grip of it. If you look at the figures, it is found that there have been 90,933 cases of corona virus worldwide and 3,119 people have died due to this dangerous disease (Coronavirus Death). 48,224 victims of this deadly disease received treatment at the right time and survived their lives, but despite this, there is confusion about the corona virus. All the countries of the world are trying to prevent the spread of this disease by any means (precautions to stop Coronavirus) and save the lives of people. As cases of the disease are being reported one after the other in the world, in India also people have increased concern about this disease (Coronavirus effect in India). Looking for solutions It is being ascertained that which are the methods by which this disease can be defeated.

The panic of corona virus has now spread in India too and all the cases have come before us.

Please tell that the corona virus, which is spreading 9 times faster outside China, has reached Delhi. Apart from Delhi, two cases of corona virus have been found in India in Telangana. A total of five people in India are said to be in the grip of this disease. It is believed that the corona virus in India is in its initial stage. In this situation it is easy to avoid it. Let’s take a look at those methods, which if we count them in our life, then this dangerous virus can be defeated with great ease.

Keep washing hands but with soap

There is a saying in English that ‘Precaution is better than cure’ means that precaution is better than cure. If care is taken, the outbreak of this deadly disease can be avoided with great ease.

Because infection is a major cause of the spread of Corona virus, so whenever you go somewhere or come from somewhere, keep washing hands and use soap for this.

While washing hands, take full care that you are not washing your hands only under one formality. According to doctors, the duration of hand washing should be at least one minute. Simply put, when you are washing your hands, make sure that you have at least one minute soap on your hand.

Alcohol base hand sanitizer

As the news of the outbreak of Corona virus came, the whole world became serious by taking this serious and fatal disease and all kinds of research started to prevent it. Doctors in their research have found that if a person keeps on using hand sanitizer during daily work, then the infection can be easily prevented from spreading.

Keep in mind that there is alcohol in the hand sanitizer and research says that this disease can be easily defeated if the hands are cleaned with an alcohol base hand sanitizer immediately after doing any work.

Leave with a mask

Illness or to say that the infection can happen anywhere at any time, it does not even mean that the person should leave his business and sit at home. Whenever you get out of your home, from small to big work, take care that you have a mask and wear it yourself.

As we have said above, if precautions are taken, then unwanted trouble can be prevented before reaching itself. Let me tell you that the doctors also argue about the mask that it prevents infection to a great extent.

Reduce handshake as much as possible

This point may be a bit disturbing, but in the case of corona virus, it is a truth which cannot be denied or rejected in any case. Let us know that in this difficult time, all the countries of the world are seen avoiding handshake.

To what extent is there panic in the world about Corona’s transition, we can also understand it from the attitude of England’s cricket team in Sri Lanka. England captain Joe Root has said that the players with him will not join hands with Sri Lankan players on their tour.

He has also said that no player in the team gets infection, so we will give a ‘fist bump’ as a courtesy. Along with this, Team O has also been instructed to wash his hands regularly and keep anti-bacterial wipes and gels with him at all times and use them from time to time.

Consult a doctor if you have fever

It is a very bad habit among us Indians that in the event of falling ill we become doctors ourselves and start treating ourselves. If you fall ill, there is no need to panic if you meet a doctor and do as he says. Keep in mind that caution can only save you from illness and when it comes to your own health, do not compromise with it in any case.


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