5 ways to promote health in companies

The reflection of this number are less productive workers and companies with a high rate of absenteeism and the turnover rate breaking records. With that in mind, health in companies has become a priority .

Especially because the company became responsible for the physical and mental health of employees, since they spend a good part of their lives in the work environment.

Therefore, prioritizing health in companies began to directly impact a more productive environment and employee engagement .

However, managing to maintain health in companies is a challenge and requires action planning that has an influence in this regard.

In this article we will list the steps for your company to be able to promote health and consequently influence the high productivity of the team. Check out!

How to develop health in companies 

A study by the University of California found that happy employees are three times more creative and 31% more productive. In other words, investing in the health of companies has a direct impact on results.

Therefore, and to help you in this challenge of maintaining health in companies, we have separated five actions that can be developed to promote well-being at work. Find out what they are below:

  • offer a good health plan;
  • create welfare actions within the company;
  • plan actions to prevent financial stress;
  • promote lectures and campaigns focused on health;
  • pay attention to ergonomics.


Offer a good health plan

74.6% of people, revealed a survey by Catho , value a good health plan as a motivating item to do their job well.

That is, the desired meeting for health in companies also includes the company’s concern to prevent its employees from becoming ill. But it goes beyond that, they want support to take care of themselves, if necessary, and the agreement offers this.

In addition, companies that offer a good health plan can impact employee engagement and motivation . Making the employee feel cared for, in a relationship that goes beyond the professional side and reaches social well-being.


Wellness actions within the company

A good alternative for those who want to promote health in companies is to adopt internal actions that relieve employees’ daily tensions.

There are countless alternatives that can even prevent diseases caused by the work environment and the function performed. Like, for example, sitting for hours at the computer with the wrong posture that will have future consequences.

Among these simple, accessible and extremely effective actions, we can highlight work gymnastics, quick-massage and acupuncture.

Valuing the quality of life, gymnastics at work aims to promote time intervals that lead the employee to exercise muscles and joints to prevent pain and injuries

In the case of quick-massage, the company has a professional qualified to give quick massages to employees, which last a maximum of 15 minutes, but which are a relief for back and shoulder pain.

And finally, acupuncture that seeks to relieve RSI, low back pain, tendonitis and other pains. Actions that, if well planned, can bring health to companies and promote corporate well-being. Avoiding possible absences due to injuries and other health problems.


Plan financial stress prevention actions

Who never arrived at the end of the month with that concern whether or not they would have money to pay a certain bill?

Well, financial stress is closely linked to health in companies. Causing drop in performance, difficulty concentrating and emotional problems.

A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management showed that 83% of HR professionals believe that employee productivity is negatively affected by financial stress

In this scenario, companies that create programs for financial planning can avoid problems in this area.

Whether promoting lectures, workshops, flexible benefit programs and even with advance payments, where the employee withdraws the money in advance for the period worked.

Therefore, it is very important that in the current scenario that the country is experiencing, companies identify this correlation between financial stress and the health of employees.


Promote lectures and campaigns focused on health

Leaving the routine that is often stressful due to charges and hours of work, can be an alternative to achieve health in companies. Therefore, creating a pleasant and comfortable working environment influences the well-being of employees.

The Globoforce along with MarketTools exposed in research that 89% of people believe that the work environment directly influences their quality of life.

Thus, health in companies depends a lot on the environment being pleasant, healthy and comfortable for the professional to perform his / her function. Environments with hostile bosses influence the team, leaving the climate heavy and with a high turnover rate .

To change this course, the company needs to apply climate surveys to learn from the employee himself the strengths and weaknesses of the environment and the company in general.

Consideration should also be given to issues such as the appreciation of the employee, the good relationship with superiors and how much the opinion of employees is of value to the company.


Pay attention to ergonomics

Tension, pain in the muscles and many other complaints related to tiredness from work are common.

However, in order to prevent an employee from having serious health problems due to the hours in which he worked, it is necessary for the company to pay attention to ergonomics.

Ergonomics is related to a series of techniques that companies adopt aiming at the physical well-being of their employees. Simple measures that often directly impact the health of companies.

Whether through good lighting, comfortable chairs and a structure that allows employees to give their maximum daily. Even ergonomics are provided by law in Regulatory Norm No. 17 of the Ministry of Labor.

It is described as a determining factor not only for the employee’s quality of life, but for their safety, through PPE – Personal Protective Equipment.

It is then up to the company to promote actions such as lectures that show the importance of posture and periodic guidance on the topic.

Health in companies and the impact on productivity

Health in companies directly impacts good productivity , engagement and talent retention. Whoever manages to create actions that maintain the well-being of employees is ahead of the competition in the market.

That’s because happy employees work more motivated and tend to be more dedicated to the company’s goals and targets.

Therefore, creating strategies to maintain health in organizations reduces absenteeism, health care expenses, stress and the risk of occupational diseases.

Not to mention that when the company manages to keep its employees happy it will have a good market image and gain spokespeople in attracting new talent.


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