A logo is a letter, symbol, or symbol that contains a meaning, the logo can consist of one or more words that are closely related to the name of the company, product, and so forth. The logo is a symbol that makes it easy for loyal customers and customers to always remember the products or services they use from the logo.


In other words, the product logo has a very strong role to make the product better known in the community. Product logos also act as a reflection of our product and company identity. Not only that, today business people and entrepreneurs are also competing with each other to create cool logos for their products. The cool logo is believed to win the hearts of many people, especially millennials. The young and millennial generation tend to be more enamored with cool logos because something elegant but dynamic are values ​​that really fit their personalities. Therefore, making product logos must be made thoroughly and seriously, so that the product marketing that we do can be right on target.


Then, how to make our product logo easily recognizable by many people? 

According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 5 ways we can make the product logo famous and easy to remember for potential customers and loyal customers of our products. The following is the explanation.


1. Create a Different Logo. 

Business people or entrepreneurs often think that to make a product logo that is always remembered in the hearts of customers, then we must make a logo that is different from other products. However, we must always remember that the product logo is the first visual representation of a product created by our company, so the main step we need to do is double check whether our product name resonates with our target customers or not.


In this case, we need to ensure that our product logos and target customers have a strong mutual effect. What if the product logo is not relevant at all to our target customers? The simple answer is change the product logo until it is 100% compatible!


In addition, the color selection of the product logo also has its own psychological strength! For example, the color yellow means optimism, warmth and clarity. Meanwhile, the blue color represents trust, dependence and strength. For this reason, the color selection of our product logo must also be clear and well thought out. The goal is that the product logo that we make can send the right signal to customers.


We can take examples of some of the products that we often encounter around us, and we can see how they ‘play colors’ to produce logos that are different from other products, including product logos from competitors.


For example, when we eat at McDonald’s, we will find a product logo that is dominated by the color yellow. Yahoo! Also present with the product logo which is dominated by the color purple which gives meaning to creativity and imagination.


Another example that makes it easier for us to distinguish one product from another is to look at the blue color used by the Facebook and Twitter logos. Almost everyone, especially those who often use social media , can certainly distinguish which blue logo is used by Facebook and what blue color is used by Twitter. Without having to look at the pictures and writing of the two products, people will not find it difficult to distinguish the two.


Besides considering the colors that will be used on the product logo, we also need to think of the ‘font’ as well as possible. For example, Sans-serif fonts are often used in product logos because they mean reliability and honesty.


So to make our product logos famous, we need to make different product logos taking into account the suitability of the target customers, the right choice of colors and fonts.


2. Have a Website Design Related to the Product Logo. 

After creating a product logo that matches our target customers with a choice of colors and fonts that attract the eyes of anyone who sees, then we need to associate this product logo with the design of our product web site. Customers and potential customers will race on the product website when they want to find out some important information related to our products. For example, find out discounts, give away gifts and so forth.


In this case, the color, font, shape and design must be closely related to the product logo, so that web visitors can easily remember our product logo and get to know more about what products are sold by our company.


3. Introduce Product Logos through Effective Marketing. 

Creating a unique product logo and designing attractive designs on a website are not enough, colleagues! We also need to market it effectively so that our target customers are increasingly curious and interested in the products we offer.


How to? To carry out effective marketing , we can produce stationery, brochures, advertising leaflets, mugs, power banks or USB with our product logos. What is the purpose? The goal is that prospective customers are getting to know our products by using intermediary products above, which of course have been posted or designed by including our product logo.


A simple example, fellow readers must have stayed at a hotel right? Whether it’s for business or just a vacation. When we hold a work meeting at the hotel, we will be provided with a pen and a piece of paper on the conference table which consists of the hotel product logo.


In this case, the hotel wants to introduce their product logo to hotel visitors through items that they use frequently. In addition, we also often find flyers placed in paper bags when we finish visiting from a product booth at one of the conferences. All of that is done with the aim that our product logos become a focal point of customers and potential customers.


4. Influencers can also make our product logo more famous. 

There is no denying that influencers can give credibility to our product brand. In today’s digital era, we can find many products that can eventually become famous because of the marketing assistance done by influencers.


Our main task is to choose influencers that are truly appropriate and suitable for our products. Not that because they have popularity, then the influencer is suitable to be a representative and market our products.


The match between influencers and products really must be considered. Would it be much better if the image inherent in the influencers is in line with our product. For example, the products and services we have related to online courses, then we must choose influencers who are known to be smart and great because of their education. Another example, the products that fellow readers offer are healthy food products, so choosing a chef who is famous and likes to cook using organic ingredients as an influencer of your product is a brilliant idea.


5. Don’t Forget to Market Products via E-mail. 

If your fellow readers have thought about how to make a product logo famous without having to make noise on social media? The answer is to market our products via e-mail to potential customers. By sending useful content such as notification promos, articles or tips to potential customers’ emails, they will get to know and remember our product logos.

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