What Is “Happiness” Like?

First of all, we need to know the meaning of happiness. In Indonesian, happiness has the basic word “happiness” and is accompanied by an affinity of oneness. So, what is meant by happiness? According to an expert named Hurlock, happiness is a combination of feelings of acceptance, affection and satisfaction for an achievement. These three attitudes can define the happiness that every individual has. As we know, often the definition of happiness will vary from one individual to another individual.


Being happy is the desire of many people, because the pursuit of happiness and avoiding pain is a basic trait that every human being has. Now, fellow readers can be happy everyday! Only with the activities carried out for 15 minutes below, we can increase our happiness whenever and wherever. This article is perfect for Career Advice colleagues who feel unhappy or hard to feel happy. Although some people think that happiness is simple, but in fact there are still many people who struggle to get the happiness they expect.


Now if your fellow readers want to achieve happiness and increase your happiness, then your fellow readers need to read this article to the end! Reporting from the website dot com inc, there are 5 ways we can do to increase happiness in just 15 minutes. Yep! With time under half an hour, we can feel happy anytime and anywhere, interesting right?


How to Increase Happiness in 15 Minutes? 

1. Meditate or Meditate.

We believe that maybe Career Advice colleagues have often heard how meditation or reflection can create extraordinary qualities to increase our happiness. In fact, this activity does not take more than 15 minutes! We can meditate for two to five minutes by closing our eyes and calming down.


When doing this, our mind and soul will be calm. Negative thoughts will go away from our minds slowly. Not only that, our breathing will also run smoothly, because when meditation or contemplation takes place, we need to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Oh yes, we can also say words of happiness when doing this activity. So, happiness can be channeled into our souls. Come on, get our energy and happiness back by doing meditation and reflection.


2. Pay attention to the circumstances around us and find a miracle!

Believe it or not, the expression that happiness is simple is indeed true, colleagues! The second way we can do to increase happiness in 15 minutes is to pay attention to the circumstances around us, whether by looking at beautiful clouds and sky, children running around while joking, coworkers who bring a cup of coffee to their colleagues, and so forth .


When we pay attention to the situation around with a calm and careful feeling, we can find many miracles in the environment around us. For example, when we see the sunset, we can feel grateful because we have successfully completed all the work that day. See, happiness can indeed be found wherever and whenever, as long as we want to try to increase the happiness we have.


3. Have a special journal to write down all the feelings of happiness we feel.

One example of happiness that we can feel is gratitude for the life we ​​have now. Well, the third way we can do is to have a special journal book that we can use to tell us all the best things we feel every day.


We can write down at least three of the happiness we feel in one day or if we feel more happiness, would it be better if we write down more happiness points.


Writing gratitude for the happiness we feel will keep us from feeling depressed. Why so? With the feeling of happiness that we write in a journal book, we don’t need to ask for happiness from others, because we can create happiness from our hearts.


4. Diligent Exercise Not only Nourishes the Body, but also Increases Happiness.

Exercise not only makes our body healthy, but exercise will also increase the feeling of happiness in us. Do exercise for 7-15 minutes and the effect we will feel calmer, more vibrant and certainly happier. Diligent exercise will make us think positively and no one is not happy if they think positively.


5. Praising Someone Will Increase Our Happiness.

Maybe for some people, they will wonder “how is the story ok to praise someone instead of increasing our happiness?” In fact, praising others is the same as channeling a positive aura and creating a comfortable environment for people around us. Believe it or not, when we praise someone and make them happy, we are indirectly channeling happiness to ourselves.


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