his time, we will discuss 5 ways to deal with younger colleagues in order to stay afloat and work together with colleagues even younger bosses.


1. Understand the different ways of communicating.

I like to communicate via email. Co-workers who are generation X and baby boomers also agree with this, but the younger generation has many alternatives for communication. They might use emoji-laden text and even the Slack application.


Based on the survey, 80% of the total number of workers today recognize that the most striking difference that occurs in a multigenerational work environment is the style of communication. Therefore, we cannot rely solely on email as the only way to communicate .


If the organization or team leader does not have the determination to use certain media in communication, this can cause misunderstanding in communication. The younger generation might choose to use applications that are not too familiar to previous generations. Now, it’s time to determine the right communication tool for the team. Will the team communicate face to face, through phone calls, through a conversation application or even email.


If we feel unfamiliar with the application, find ways to adapt. Do not hesitate to ask for help from other colleagues who master the application. That way, communication between generations can take place properly.


2. Open to new things and eager to continue learning.

In professional life, we must not be satisfied with what we have. We must continue to look for ways to try and learn new things. That way, we will not be left behind. Being a lifelong learner is the key to success in the current era of global competition. The high enthusiasm of the younger generation must also be shared by the previous generation.


A senior I know, shares his travel story. He said that his desire to continue learning was the key to his success. His mindset and desire to continue to grow made him the only female trainer to receive a letter of application writing training at the age of 54. He also said that in the era that is currently advanced, we no longer use typewriters and other conventional ways to apply for a company. Linkedin is the interface used today. For that, we must have a high enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We might be able to join online learning classes to improve our abilities and have a new skill that can support a career journey or volunteer to attend a seminar and share what is gained with other colleagues. Reading books or listening to podcasts can also be the best solution to improve your skills.


3. Do not hesitate to learn from younger colleagues.

There are many parents who ask for their children’s help to teach how to use Facebook and other social media. Now, mentoring like this can be the right way to transfer the technology skills of a much younger colleague. The key is that we don’t need to feel shy or even ashamed to learn from them. Try to pay attention and open yourself to the strategies used by the younger generation to manage incoming messages and even manage their task list. Who knows, we will get new things and thoughts. Yes, it can be said that this is part of embracing the passion for learning.


I was so curious, I asked one of my younger colleagues to download the application he used to manage his time. I asked him to teach you how to use the application. Then, do you know what I got? I found a new way to organize and complete everyday tasks, from scanning documents that can be done anywhere to managing expenses.


Well, it never hurts to ask younger colleagues to be mentors in teaching new things related to technology. That way, we can add capabilities and provide more value to the company. Of course, we can build good and harmonious relationships with younger colleagues.


4. Finding out the trends.

Do your fellow readers know the Tiktok application? Yes, Tiktok is an application that had become a trend among teenagers. What is the current trend? Try you to find out and believe that this will not harm us, but rather this can help us get success. How can? This is because when looking for things that are trending now, we can find things that are related to the goal. We can also establish good relationships with colleagues.


5. Stop blaming yourself through jokes.

Making jokes is a natural thing to build connections at work. However, do not let the joke contains self-criticism yes, fellow reader. That’s not the right thing to do, especially when interacting with younger colleagues.


Forget the age that we have now. Age is not a limitation that prevents us from doing great things. Have confidence and respect for yourself. That way, other coworkers will also do the same thing. They will be able to respect and appreciate our existence.


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