5-ways to boost startup with social media tools

1.- Influencers on Social Networks

It’s a business startup that connects the social characters who are influencers with companies or companies to spread your messages through audiences who consider these personalities as “peers” or influencers, generating an organic campaign that certainly has more credibility. , commitment and achievement to try to make things one. Here we have two possibilities, because an agency has some interesting benefits, scope, independent voice, impact, experience and highly segmented, so it is more feasible to reach those who are interested in you. As an Influencer you have an interesting opportunity to monetize your voice without actually being affiliated with ONE agency and then your authority wanes. For both options you need to fill out a form so they can contact you and discuss any specific needs.

2.- splash

Mobilei is a fully mobile social network, something like a local email where instead of following people and celebrities you follow topics. splash use geolocation as a basis for becoming local and generating content shared by users who live in the area and exclusively to the area.

3.- Social Engine

Starting is another start-up that benefits from social networks to generate a whole Social “ecosystem” where you can manage your communities either on your own server or on their own. The system is written in PHP, so making customizations shouldn’t be so complicated, it automatically connects with Facebook and Twitter, so you just have to be careful about any other network you want to use. I have its own CMS and moderation system, compatible with Android and iOS, so the theme of phones is also not a problem. You can use it for free for fourteen days and then the monthly payment or annual installments will come, if you have to manage and run a very large community, I think the cost is worth it.

4.- Agency Punctuator

It is another interesting launch that helps you find a creative agency to suit your needs. You can also find work in these creative agencies , I mean, if you are involved … and by the way, from a creative agency I am targeting people doing advertising, branding, public relations, design, interactive / digital, innovation, mobile, social communicator and related arts. In Mexico there seems to be no one, so it can be an interesting opportunity to start appearing on your radars.

5.- Kuhcoon

This is an administrator or social network social media as a service (SMaS) in which they have a whole system of monitoring, generating content, community leaders, strategists for your campaign, this is a place for just about everything and the truth is that I am not there yet can determine what sets it apart from other agencies that do exactly the same thing, but if it feels “different” it would be interesting for some of you to work with the “different” thing that this startup has.


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