Here Are 5+ Ways to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger

Get lots of money, get free make-up products and get invited to various famous events . Well, those are the reasons for the majority of people who want to become beauty bloggers. And maybe, you are one of them?

If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. Because, this article is intended for anyone who needs tips to get started as a beauty blogger. 

Without dragging on, let’s take a look at the complete tips below!

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1 Tips to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger

1.1 1. Create Something Unique Value

1.2 2. Determine the target audience

1.3 3. Equip with Attractive Visuals

1.4 4. Expand Networking

1.5 5. Pay attention to quality, not quantity

2 Ways to Become a Beauty Blogger from Zero

2.1 1. Determine the Best Blog Platform

2.2 2. Determine the Blog Domain Name

2.3 3. Select a Web Hosting Service

2.4 4. Install

2.5 5. Install the Plugin

2.6 6. Create Your First Content

2.7 7. Apply SEO Optimization

3 Ready to Become a Beauty Blogger?

Tips to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger

Before entering into a discussion of tips, we remind you again nih that becomes beauty blogger it takes a lot of effort to arguably succeed. The steps are not just writing and posting. But there are many supplies that you have to prepare. Anything? Immediately see the tips below, yes!

  1. Create Something Unique Value

What underlies someone deciding to buy clothes from brand A, compared to brand B, brand C, brand D and so on? The answer is style or uniqueness. Yes, by creating something unique or different, a brand will find it much easier to attract buyers.

Likewise in the world of blogging. Of the many well- known beauty bloggers , you must have your own specialization. The easy way is to find out what areas you are good at.

For example, if you like everything about cosmetics , you can create make-up tutorial content with many kinds of topics. Can make up for everyday life, to parties, or make up in Korean style .

Or if you feel you have a lot of knowledge about hair, discuss content related to it. Like about tips on treating hair loss, thickening hair, hair styling and so on.

Occasionally, it is okay really to discuss other content outside of your specialty. However, make sure to stay focused on one big topic so that your blog can have distinctive features.

One example is the Lippielust blog which is more focused on discussing makeup products for lips.

Since its inception, the Lippielust blog has reviewed many local to international lipstick brands with complete information. Starting from the color swatches and ingredients .  But even though it has been popular as a blog specifically for lip makeup products, Lippielust has also discussed content about skincare and K-beauty several times.

  1. Determine the target audience

Determining the target audience is also important, so that determining content topics can be easier. For example, your target audience is a teenager aged 17-23 years. And so, the topics you can discuss tips skin care that is appropriate for teens or reviews on products skin care are low budget.

Meanwhile, if you are targeting adult women aged 25 years and over. The topic could be about a matter of skin care anti-aging or product recommendation skin care with a slightly higher cost. However, also balance with drugstore and high end products so that they can reach all groups.

In addition, thinking about who your readers are also needs to be matched with the writing style , theme selection, and blog layout . If youth is your target, create a light writing style with colloquial style. Then, use layouts and themes with girly nuances like pink, or cheerful colors.

Meanwhile, if you are targeting adults, convey it in a simple style, using a simple and elegant choice of themes and layouts .

For example Sasyachi , one of the beauty bloggers who tends to target teenage women who love Korea. So on his website, he shares many Korean girl band style make-up tips using quality local products, but still affordable.

  1. Arm with Attractive Visuals

Writing is number one. However, there is something that is no less important when you create a blog, namely attractive visuals!

This visual can be in the form of photos and videos, depending on what writing you make. Same with writing, the visuals you use must also be guaranteed quality. Almost every well-known beauty blogger must have thought about this.

For example Andra Alodita, who always presents product photos with strong contrast quality and bright highlights. So that it makes the appearance of the product that he reviews will look classy. It’s a shame, if your blog looks fine, but the image quality is still low?

Quality problems, it is much better if you use the help of a camera. However, if your budget is still limited, actually using a smartphone is not a problem. While you can be smart in taking the right angle , and adept at polishing it with the editor application.

Lots of photo editor applications that you can download for free. Such as Vscocam, Afterlight, Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom. The rest, all you have to do is hone your editing skills by following various tips on the internet or YouTube.

  1. Expand Networking

In the future, you must have a dream that your blog can be collaborated with well  known brands . Or flood the endorsement so you can get a lot of income. Yes, this has become a lot of goals among bloggers.

But how? Expand networking. 

Networking can lead you to reach a lot of followers and the two things above. You can start by stopping by at similar blogs and sending positive comments. It is also usually effective to initiate the link building process .

Then, follow various events, communities, and forums that are struggling in the world of beauty. For example, the ID Skincare Indonesia community , Beauty Collab , or Beauty House Squad . From there you can get to know many bloggers, introduce your blog and get lots of new experiences that are certainly useful.

In essence, don’t limit yourself to building the widest possible network. So, your popularity and blog can quickly skyrocket!

  1. Pay attention to quality, not quantity

A successful blog will prioritize quality over quantity. Want as much as any number of your article, if it’s mediocre, yes … do not expect your blog can get crowded. Because in essence, the main goal of bloggers is to share.

Money and endorsement are the umpteenth goal. So, make sure you always put quality as a priority when writing. Go as deep as possible with your topic and do as much research as possible. So, your content can outperform other blogs that are just chasing quantity with general quality content only.

Take Lizzie Parra , for example , this influencer and successful businessman who started her career as a beauty blogger. Thanks to the quality blog content, his name has skyrocketed thanks to the many loyal readers.

In fact, if we flashback the contents of her blog from 2015-2016, Lizzie doesn’t post articles too regularly, you know. Instead, he only fills his blog once or twice a month. However, because every review is always complete and interesting, it’s no wonder that the blog is always full of visitors.

How to Become a Beauty Blogger from Zero

If you have prepared all the supplies regarding content, now is the time for us to explain how to become a beauty blogger from scratch. Here we will discuss technical matters, which in turn will support your profession in the long run.

For example website speed, maintenance, domain authority and so on. Of course, with a well-performing website, your readers will automatically feel at home when visiting. So that you don’t get more curious, let’s immediately take a look at the full review below:

  1. Determine the Best Blog Platform

The first step in becoming a blogger is to choose the best blogging platform. Like a vehicle, this platform is like a car. Each car brand is equipped with different quality engines and spare parts that provide quality while driving.

Likewise with platforms, each of which has its own set of features to make blog management easier.

From a wide selection of platforms – call it Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Medium, WordPress – we recommend that you use WordPress.

Why WordPress? WordPress is known as the most widely used CMS (Content Management System). Moreover, there are more than 32% of websites on the internet that are also supported by this platform, including bloggers. This is due to several reasons, namely:

  • Easy to use for beginners – being a user-friendly CMS, WordPress can create the blog of your dreams without coding. Plus, it also provides various types of themes from free to paid. As well as hundreds of plugins that can be installed to add features to the blog.
  • Have a large support team – encountered problems in the middle of use? Don’t worry. WordPress has a great forum ready to walk you through it. Moreover, more and more other users are now sharing tips on overcoming various WordPress issues on the internet.
  • Guaranteed security – given the number of loopholes for websites / blogs to be attacked by hackers and spammers, security is the most important factor. Luckily, WordPress is a relatively safe CMS. Even though there is still the possibility of being attacked, there are many ways you can do it. Like following our article tips here .

Oh yeah, one more thing you need to know – we also recommend that you use, not . Especially if you want to have a domain with a TLD (Top Level Domain) such as .com, .id, .net, .org and others. Whereas on, your domain name can only follow the default TLD which is ” “.

The rest, there are many other advantages of that you can read in 10 Differences between and

  1. Determine the Blog Domain Name

You could say, domain names are valuable assets that should not be made carelessly. Because, it is what will represent your personal identity while in the virtual universe.

For the most part, you may often see many Indonesian beauty bloggers using their names for blog domain names. Like , , and many more.

That’s not a problem, because there really aren’t any specific restrictions for creating a domain name. But at a minimum, when choosing a domain name, you still consider the following important aspects, namely:

  • Easy to remember and spell – choosing a unique name is necessary, to make it more memorable. But also make sure the name is easy to remember and spell.
  • Avoid using symbols – avoid using symbols, because besides making it difficult for users to remember, symbols are also often considered a spam website 
  • Insert keywords – it would be better if accompanying keywords related to your blog niche . So that users can easily guess what is discussed on your blog. In addition, this method is also quite effective in supporting the overall blog branding .

Approximately, those are some points that must be considered when creating a domain name. However, to add references to domain names, you can also follow some of our tips on Strategies for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business .

Although it is intended for business domain, the points discussed are still very relevant anyway for the domain name blog.

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  1. Choose a Web Hosting Service

After finding the right domain name, then you need to choose a web hosting service.

Maybe for those of you who are beginners, this term still sounds foreign. In essence, web hosting is a service that functions to store data on your blog.

There are types of shared hosting, cloud hosting to VPS hosting. So, most shared hosting is the right choice for bloggers, especially those of you who are just starting out. Why? Because in addition to easy management, the costs required are also cheap.

Like Niagahoster ‘s web hosting which offers several pocket-friendly shared hosting service packages.

By spending a minimum of 10 thousand Rupiah, you can launch a blog. However, if you are allowed to give advice, you should choose the Personal package for around 26 thousand Rupiah. Because, this package offers more benefits, one of which is a free domain!

Isn’t that interesting? So, if you are interested in buying a Niagahoster web hosting package, you can follow the purchase steps directly on this page.

  1. Install

If you subscribe to Niagahoster’s hosting service, you can just use the Auto Install WordPress feature, so you don’t have to bother installing WordPress manually.

However, in this section, we will still explain step by step installing WordPress via cPanel.

  • Login to cPanel via the email link provided when you signed up for the web hosting service. Usually followed by the URL: http: //yourdomain / cpanel .
  • Scroll down until you find Softaculous Apps Installer . Then click WordPress as shown below.
  • Click Install Now.
  • Select your domain name in the Choose Domain column For In Directory column please leave it blank.
  • Fill in your website name along with a brief description of your blog in the Site Name and Site Description fields .
  • Create a username and password to log into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Select the desired theme, then click Install.
  • installation complete.
  1. Install the Plugin 

Blogs or websites cannot be said to be optimal without the help of plugins. So, what are plugins? In short, plugins are additional applications for adding WordPress features.

WordPress comes with minimal features when it is first installed. That is why, plugins are here to enrich WordPress features so that the quality and overall performance of your blog can run more optimally.

WordPress itself provides more than 40,000 plugins with different functions. However, we will recommend some must-have WordPress plugins for beauty bloggers:

  • Lazy load plugin – works to help your blog get faster.
  • Yoast SEO – useful so that your site’s SEO can be optimally optimized.
  • Forum plugin – You can add a discussion column on the blog to increase engagement with readers.
  • Mobile-friendly plugin – aim to keep your blog running optimally on all devices, especially mobile.
  • Email marketing plugins – don’t just apply to business websites. Email marketing plugins are also suitable for bloggers to be able to notify readers of any new content updates via newsletters.
  • Social media plugins – function to connect your blog to various social media platforms.
  1. Create Your First Content

Yeay! Earlier you have successfully passed the many steps in creating a blog. Now, it’s time for you to write your first article. The method is easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Login to your WordPress account.
  • Point the cursor to the left sidebar menu, namely Posts. Then, click Add New.
  • When writing, you can use various blocks (text editor feature) to create headings, add bullet points, media (video or images), tables, widgets, set layouts and so on. The trick is just point your cursor on the plus symbol (+) like this.
  • Then scroll down to select the blocks you want to use.
  • You can click Preview in the upper right corner of the screen to preview your content before publishing Or Save draft if you want to save the draft content And click Publish when it’s ready to be shared with readers.

Given the amount of competition about beauty content on search engines, it would be better if you follow our tips on writing SEO friendly blog articles , so that your blog can get a chance to rank in the top three and get lots of traffic.

  1. Apply SEO Optimization

It takes no small effort to win the competition in search engine results. The requirement is not only writing quality content, but also optimization in three types of SEO, namely: On-page, Technical, and Off-Page. 

What are the differences between the three?

  • On-page SEO, prioritizes everything on your blog. From the quality of content, the use of keywords, writing titles, optimizing images or videos, length of articles and others. For more information, you can read the article on On-Page SEO optimization to find out the optimization process from AZ.
  • eknikal SEO, which is as the name implies – it deals with technical matters on the website. There are quite a lot of aspects, starting from the mobile-friendly aspect , loading speed , to website security .
  • Off-Page SEO. Different from the two previous things, Off-Page SEO has more to do with factors outside of your blog. The goal, obviously, is not far from increasing traffic and visibility on search engines.

Ready to Become a Beauty Blogger?

Choosing to become a beauty blogger today is the right choice. Its role is also not to be taken lightly. In the world of beauty, bloggers occupy an influential position as a trusted provider of information.

Many people tend to choose a beauty blogger opinion when looking for info about product reviews and beauty tips. That is why beauty bloggers are not only considered as a hobby. But also a profession, because the income is lucrative if you manage to partner with many brands.

In addition, there are also many other opportunities to earn money from blogs . Like from Google AdSense, Affiliates, webinars and others.

Even so, the impression looks very pleasant, but the process to succeed is also not easy. It takes strong consistency so that your goals can be achieved. Therefore, do it seriously. And also see what articles about  blogger habits need to be honed in order to be successful. Good luck!


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