Be yourself!” or “Be yourself,” your Career Advice colleagues must have heard that popular quote, right? When there is someone who wants to be like other people, we will start advising him to be himself, and that is far better than having to struggle to be someone else.


But is being yourself easier than trying to be like others? Then, how can we be the best version of ourselves? Now, if your Career Advice colleagues are confused about this, let’s just look at 5 ways to be the best version of yourself that we will explain in this article.


First Way: Try New Things.

Continue to do the same things regularly is something that will make us feel comfortable. But to be the best version of ourselves, we cannot allow ourselves to fall asleep with the routine things that are done without a challenge.


To achieve the best version of yourself, it’s good to start some new things unexpectedly. Try to ask ourselves, is there something that we want to change from ourselves, but not yet done?


For example, fellow readers always wear formal shirts with short sleeves, but actually fellow readers really want to wear formal shirts with long sleeves. The reason, so that the appearance of fellow readers look neater and more polite in the office.


Or maybe your fellow readers want to learn a new language? We never know other hidden talents we might have, who knows we are very intelligent and fast people in learning a language.


Eits, but when we are trying new things, don’t forget to keep ourselves relaxed and comfortable. For example, eating a favorite chocolate, watching your favorite movie on television, or going out with friends. The more new things we try, the closer we are to the best version of ourselves.


Second Way: Chase Our Dreams, Until You Can!

To achieve the best version of ourselves, we need to have the purpose in life that we really want. When we already have a dream that we want to achieve, then we will give all the power and effort to be able to achieve all the dreams we want.


Dreams or dreams will make our lives more meaningful and more ‘burning’. We will explore all abilities ourselves, try new things that have never been done before, dare to take challenges , not afraid of all the risks that are in plain sight, and so forth.


Chasing dreams until you can is typical of successful people with the best version they have. During the journey in the pursuit of dreams, we will feel the bitterness of life which will make us learn many things about life. The learning process is what will bring us to be the best version of ourselves.


The third way: Maintain self-motivation.

Reaching the best version of yourself cannot be with a day’s effort and struggle. Hard and consistent effort is needed all the time so we can remain the best version of ourselves.


That is why we need to maintain self-motivation at all times. Indeed, we all must have felt uninspired, demotivated or lacked in life’s passion. However, do not let all these feelings drag on our lives.


To get out of this impasse, we need to find ways to move forward. Why? Because if we allow this stagnation, laziness and demotivation to continue continuously, then we will never reach the best version of ourselves.


Then, what can we do? Try to read useful articles such as articles that we make in Career Advice (hehe), write life quotes that can encourage yourself, read the lives of successful people, join seminars or conferences, and so forth.


Do not forget to look at the list of life goals and dreams that have not been realized in our lives. That way, our enthusiasm will come back and help us to move forward to achieve the best version of ourselves.


The Fourth Way: Keep Behaving Well. 

Humans are creatures with all the habits. Bad habits or good habits, must have been owned by every human being. When we hear the word “best version”, this indicates that all good and best behavior is in it.


In other words, to achieve the best version from within, we need to encourage ourselves to always behave well. Good behavior can also be started from small things. There are so many good deeds that, although simple, are often forgotten by many people.


For example, always say the word “thank you” whenever you receive help or attention from others. It may be simple, but not everyone can practice this kind attitude.


Do every good behavior that is new to us for the next 30 days, over time these good behaviors will become good habits that we always apply. And, of course this indicates that we are getting closer to the best version of ourselves.


The Fifth Way: Focus on Yourself.

Because the goal is to be the best version of yourself, not the best version of others, we need to focus on ourselves. From now on avoid negative thoughts that come because we always compare our lives with others. Stop negative words like, “My life is not as lucky as those who can get blah … blah … blaa”, stop this saying.


Try to love yourself , respect yourself and believe that God has given us many things. By focusing on ourselves, we will always try and find ways to become the best version of ourselves.


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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