5 very important options for our driving safety.

The safety car is an important issue that every day is faced by professionals with the aim to achieve continuous improvement.

Let’s see together the 5 options that you currently shouldn’t give up anymore.

1. The airbags in the passenger compartment

The airbag , at least with regard to the front side of the passenger compartment, are now present on all cars and it is useless to remind their importance; it is also essential that you do not neglect the periodic maintenance they need.

In contrast, the side airbags are in most cases optionalwhich must be explicitly requested by you at the time of purchase; their importance is perhaps even greater than those mounted at the front, as they protect you a lot in the event of a side impact. Try to think of the accidents that occur while crossing an intersection, when one of the two motorists involved does not respect the traffic light signal or a simple right of way; in this case one of the two cars is hit at the height of the doors. It is an impact that should not be underestimated, often much more dangerous than the frontal one; in this case, the side airbags are of fundamental importance, especially in trivial accidents that occur at low speeds, which in any case cause the skull to collide with the window.

For this reason, if you really want a full optional car or almost, the advice is to request the installation of the side airbags .

2. The electronic assisted emergency braking system

This technology is present on some of the most recent vehicles and allows you to benefit from an electronic aid in case you need to resort to emergency braking.

The importance of an optional of this type cannot be questioned; in practice, the vehicle is provided in the front part with sensors which function similarly to the reverse ones when you perform a parking maneuver. When a sudden obstacle arises, the system intervenes and anticipates the braking in case you do not intervene on the pedal with the necessary timing. If any of you should have the doubt of being “annoyed” while driving a car that works as if there were dual controls, you can in any case feel comfortable, because the system can be excluded unlike others that cannot be omitted. An example of the latter is the device that turns on the 4 automatic arrows when you brake sharply, which sometimes intervenes unnecessarily even when approaching a curve.

The emergency brake is an option that deserves due consideration and will soon become a mandatory device in all probability standard.

3. The tire pressure sensor

This electronic sensor works close to the wheels and is able to sense the sudden (or gradual) decay of pressure inside the tires . Thanks to this solution you have the opportunity to monitor the condition of the tires , especially in case of poor maintenance, forgetfulness or sudden puncture. This is an important option, very useful for your safety; do not forget that tires have always been the only part in contact with the road surface of any vehicle.

Any tire anomalies are signaled by the pressure sensor by means of a simple warning light on the dashboard.

4. Technology and blind spots

The blind spots in a car are those famous steps that every driver has difficulty seeing while driving. It will undoubtedly have happened at least once to find yourself at your side a car that for you appeared almost suddenly, that you perceived in another point or you exchanged with another vehicle a little further back. This experience is not very pleasant and can cause accidents; modern technologies have made it possible to produce mirrorswhich, thanks to the help of micro cameras, are able to see around your car at 360 degrees, greatly improving the view. Certainly you will have to get used to it a little, because you will have to trust the screen placed on the dashboard or projected with the laser directly on the windscreen. For now, you cannot request the installation of this optional on any vehicle, but there are already several manufacturers that offer this system on many of the models they manufacture.

5. The anti-skid system

This technology , often called with various different abbreviations depending on its type and vehicle (ASR, ESP, etc.), allows you to count on electronic assistance capable of correcting vehicle skidding and wheel slippage. We are talking about an optional now indispensable that can literally save your life in case of rain, snow and bad weather in general; also remember that the asphalt is often dirty and in some circumstances it can be greasy and therefore particularly treacherous.

Giving up a system such as ESP in a modern vehicle means risking an accident much more than in the past, because the sensations that “vintage” cars gave at the wheel are no longer the same as those of modern cars; in fact, the latter are as if “dormant” and softened by a chassis capable of giving you much greater comfort.
All of this means that you are losing that steering sensitivity that characterized the cars of yore.


We often focus on options that improve comfort and driving pleasure, neglecting those relating to safety; although many of the latter will soon become standard, the advice is that you always seek the best and never settle for anything.


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