5 tips when buying on AliExpress through the app

Buying through a mobile phone is one of the most comfortable experiences we can have when purchasing a product. Now, in addition, prices are more competitive than ever, in light of new companies operating in China and exporting products at very low cost, such as Joom or Wish . Old acquaintances as Aliexpress are still at the foot of the canyon, offering a huge number of products at a more than attractive price. A store that, of course, you also have to take with caution and buy with a certain eye.

That is why, if you have decided to buy on Aliexpress through its application, that you pay attention to these 5 tips that we give you in this special. This way you will ensure that your purchases are effective, comfortable and with a happy ending.


Aliexpress is not a store, but a conglomerate of them. Each store has its commercial transactions and its products are valued by the customers who have bought them. But not just the merchandise: the customer has the power to rate a store’s service as excellent, or disastrous. It goes without saying that we should steer clear of any store that has a large number of negative reviews .

In the application you can see the valuation of each store. Only choose the ones that have a large number of opinions and are mostly positive .


Indeed, Aliexpress often presents offers and discounts that can only be obtained through the App. Right now, if we register with a new account, we get a savings coupon of $ 4 plus $ 2 for your first order, at total, 6 dollars discount. The Aliexpress app is totally free and you can download it right now from the Android app store. Its installation file is 42 MB, so be careful with downloading it under a mobile data connection.


Some but it has to have this store so that its products have such a low price, you may be thinking. And yes: this slightly ‘negative’ point is usually that shipments take a long time to reach their destination. Although there are products that are shipped from Spain, the vast majority are supplied from Asian countries such as Taiwan or China .

Buying on Aliexpress can lose the patience of quite a few. In the application you can see perfectly those delivery times of the product. Simply, in the product file, choose ‘Free shipping’ and select the country where the product will be sent . There are packages that can take months, so be careful with this.


Through the Aliexpress Android application we can open a dispute with the seller through the menu in ‘My Orders’. But we advise you to use the web platform for any claim. It is much more complete and it will be more convenient for you to make any claim.

If after 15 days after a dispute you have not reached an agreement with the seller, enter this link and you will be instructed how to make a firm claim.


An exclusive utility of the application: you share a certain item and if someone buys it through your link, the commission that appears on the product will be credited to your Aliexpress account. In the products of the ‘Win by sharing’ selection, you have the commission that is applied to each product.

Remember that you will only receive the money when the other person makes the purchase of the product effective.


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