Here are 5 tips for overcoming fear when speaking in public

public speaking tips in bangla Most people are afraid to speak in public. And this fear can make our personal and professional lives difficult. Especially in business life, we have to make public speaking. If you do not overcome this fear, business will be affected. There are some strategies that you can overcome your fears by adopting them. This is discussed in more detail below.

Be organized

This will help you feel at ease when you are able to organize all your thoughts and materials together before giving a talk.

If your thoughts are clear and organized, it can reduce your anxiety. So present all your thoughts in an organized way rather than presenting them in a scattered way.

Practice and extensive preparation

Your preparation for practice and speech is nothing compared to these two. And for that, write a script outlining the main points of your talk. Then practice according to the script. Prepare for a lecture in such a way that any possible question can be answered.

Look at yourself in the mirror

Before speaking in public, try to practice in front of a mirror. If you really want to master the subject, focus on your facial expressions, gestures, body movements and so on. If you can show a gentle expression and a calm attitude while giving a speech, visitors will welcome you.

Keep an eye on the basics

Try to keep the rhythm or flow consistent while speaking. Summarize sentences and repeat key points. Focus on the main point of your talk.

Record your voice and try to figure it out

Record or voice your voice through your phone. Listen or watch it from beginning to end, recorded or videoed. Then write notes on where to improve. It’s very easy to do, so give it a try today.

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Breathe out

Try to calmly breathe while giving a speech. It will resonate with your voice. Take a deep breath and try to find a rhythm.

Try to practice speaking with someone

You get a lot of people to practice with. He may be someone in your family or close friends. Speak to them and ask them to hold them if they have a problem. Ask them if they have any questions about the speech.

Public Speaking Class

Find a trainer or mentor. There are many groups where you can learn public speaking by joining. Joining these groups will gradually overcome your fears.

Don’t worry about audience response

Speech is usually delivered in front of an audience. And there are many listeners in the audience who can’t be fully satisfied. That is, they will feel annoyed. Many good speakers may not like his words at all. So, without worrying about them, continue your statement.

Avoid talking fast

Can’t speak fast while delivering a speech. As a result, you have to breathe less. So practice speaking slowly. And if you can slow down, you will feel much more comfortable. public speaking tips in bangla.

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