5 tips for the new come back to school

There is less and less time for classes to begin at the upper and upper middle levels. And, although we all hope to return to our normal lives, it is important to learn to adapt to the new challenges that come with the new return to school.

The fact of having to take distance classes, starting a new course at home, not living with your friends or having changed schools have become a cause of uncertainty.

This Monday, August 24, 30 million basic-level students throughout Mexico began distance classes. The challenge for teachers, parents and especially students involves adapting to the new way of studying and learning. However, there are certain guidelines to follow to achieve better results.

That is why Young Business Talent, the program for high school students that allows you to gain experience through practice thanks to a business simulator developed by Praxis MMT, shares the following tips for all students who are about to start this new cycle school:

  • Assign a place to take your classes

It is important that when doing your homework or taking your classes you are in a place where there are not so many distractions. As far as possible it is necessary to have a desk or table and a comfortable chair to carry out your tasks. We do not recommend using your bed as a desk to perform your tasks, as you can easily get distracted or fall asleep.

  • Schedule your tasks and activities

As your house will become your classroom, organize your times to meet the objectives of each subject and have time to do other activities. The scheduling of tasks is the best way to organize and meet objectives, not only for students it is a great tool but for workers and companies.

  • Set goals for the school year

This school year is very different from all the ones you’ve ever lived through, so setting small, short-term goals can become a form of incentive. This way you won’t feel like you are stagnating. For example, you can propose to improve your level of English through movies or songs, find the middle ground so as not to see it as an obligation.

  • Do an activity that distracts you

Based on the calendar you make, establish a period of time to carry out an activity that you like and relax, you choose what it may be, the important thing is not to exceed the time you determine and that you do not delay your other activities.

Starting a school year is always complicated, and with the current situation, it is important to implement strategies and tips that facilitate the way you learn.


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