5 tips for your employees to support the digital transformatio

In 2016, the famous cosmetics brand L’oréal grew no less than 33% of its online sales, after implementing a series of efforts to qualify and increase the knowledge of its more than 14 thousand employees on digital transformation.

Yes, there was also a strong media investment in digital channels, but, according to an article by Harvard Business Review , the reason behind this success is due more to the involvement of employees and their training in digital transformation strategies than to the greater exposure of the company. brand on the internet.

For the authors of the article, the success of digital transformation is not in technology, but in the way companies communicate, organize and train their employees.

For that, they suggest 5 approaches that we will see in more detail in this post.

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5 ways to empower your employees for digital transformation

There is now a consensus in the market that there is no way to build a successful company if it does not embrace digital transformation.

In this sense, many organizations are investing heavily in technology. But is this the way?

It takes more than that, your company must make your employees capable of taking the best of the digital transformation for the benefit of the company’s customers, who are already immersed in the digital environment.

1- Leadership commitment

The first step should be to make it clear to the entire organization that digital transformation strategies are a decision of the company’s top hierarchy, with long-term objectives.

This should manifest itself through concrete actions, action plans and the creation of strategic groups in the area of ​​digital transformation, signaling the organization’s commitment in this regard.

2- Bring your employees closer to consumers

More and more companies are trying to sell directly to their end customers, through the internet.

But companies that are used to dealing with distributors and retailers often do not know their customers’ buying habits and behaviors so deeply.

Therefore, a digital transformation initiative, in this sense, cannot be reduced to the creation of digital sales channels.

It is necessary to promote the use of new technologies of BI, analytics and monitoring of user behavior, whether in sales channels, social media or other online contact points, in order to obtain the necessary information about the wishes of its end customers.

3- Provide ways for your employees to be more agile

Today, with the rapid evolution of both technology and consumer behavior, organizational change processes  need to keep pace.

And the easiest way to achieve this is with the automation of processes  and the creation of dashboards that allow an agile and real-time monitoring of sales, access to blogs and social networks, opening emails, consumer comments and others indicators.

The culture of quarterly or even monthly meetings to evaluate the performance of actions and projects and define new strategies no longer makes sense, decision making must be much more agile.

4- Don’t forget the “employee experience”

Some companies are going beyond the concept of customer experience and introducing “employee experience” design.

The objective is to identify the motivations, expectations and behaviors of employees to attract and retain talent.

Tools such as daily work maps, personas creation, in addition to research data, of course, allow companies to positively transform the experience of employees in the workplace.

5- Long-term learning

Finally, without training and learning, there is no way to help your employees face the challenges of digital transformation. And this must be done in innovative ways, which are adapted to the profiles of new employees, such as the use of gamification , for example.

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