5 things I want to bring with me into the new normal

I’m thinking a lot about what my and your everyday life will look like after all this with the Corona pandemic is over. What I do know for sure is that it will change. It’s hard to get back to normal after this. What will be the new normal?

Change and adaptation

All around me I see people adapting to new directives. We should not spend too much time with each other. We should preferably stay at home and we can not travel anywhere. Many work from home. What matters is what is in our vicinity. It can be the terrace, the balcony or the lawn just outside the house. It is the forest and the sea. It is no longer the outdoor cafes and restaurants in the same way. After Work takes place online and most meetings and conversations we have also take place online. There is change all the time and we simply have to keep up.

Social distancing

I have barely met anyone other than my immediate family in five weeks. Almost everyone I have talked to I have talked to on the phone or via zoom. I have been unusually social but without meeting and I think this changes us. I think it makes us think and think about what is really important. That which I always nag about but which is becoming a little extra clear right now. I believe that what we are learning now and the new habits that come from this event we can take with us to the new normal.

5 things I want to bring with me into the new normal

  1. Nature

I can not say that I have been out a lot but I have been out. I have been grilling all day by a lake and I have gone for short walks. I have been sitting on the bench in our playground. I have enjoyed this and I feel I need to have a lot more of it.

  1. The conversation

I’ve talked to so many people in recent weeks. People I would never have talked to had it not been for this strange situation. I have lifted and grown from it. The digital has really helped to reach out to people and I want to bring this into the new normal. Maybe have more conversations with my family that way and my friends in the US. It’s so simple.

  1. The home gym

A funny thing we have done is that we have “thrown” our kitchen table and put our spinning bike, weights and exercise balls in the kitchen. It has become a gym. Very strange but it feels good. It makes me sit on the bike and stretch my knee. I can not cycle yet because of my prosthesis but I can use the pedal grip to stretch a liiiiten piece at a time.

I have not done much more yet but the availability is there.

And no, the gym will not be allowed to remain in the kitchen forever. We may solve it in a different way in the future, but right now it works well.

  1. My stubbornness

I have always been stubborn but oh what it has been clear during these weeks. Starting up a new company just in time for a financial collapse is not directly optimal. I immediately decided to drive on and not lie down flat. I’m going to do this so now I’m doing it despite the circumstances. One of the things I have learned is that I CAN SELL. I’m not a salesperson but shit what I’ve been good at talking to people about what I do and I’ve finally realized that it’s selling it too. It only took seven years of entrepreneurship for that token to fall down.

The stubbornness must keep up.

  1. Extrovert vs introvert

I’ve always seen myself as an extrovert and I still think I am. What I learned during this time is that I am more introverted than I thought. I have had a great need for silence and solitude with my thoughts. I have had to analyze my situation and give myself time to adapt to the change that is taking place.

I will allow the introvert to take up more space and maybe I will finally learn this with meditation and its value.

There were a few things. There is certainly more that I do not think about now or yet. I’ll learn even more about myself before this is over. I look forward to the new normal. I think it will be just fine. I know that people who have been through something difficult or been part of a big change develop and learn new things. New about himself. The journey may be heavy right now but everyday life will return.


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